The Best Dressed Characters In Beacon Hills, Ranked

gomoviesDecember 8, 2019

Although Teen Wolf is over (not for those of us who have Amazon Prime, at least), we still can’t forget the characters we stuck with for six full seasons. Fans demanded a seventh season but were satisfied with six, especially having watched so many of their faves change and transform over the course of each dynamic episode.

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Of course, a show makes an impression based on story, character, and acting talent – but appearance also goes into that. We’re not talking about the special FX that goes into turning our favorite werewolves gruesome, we’re talking about their everyday wardrobes. Teen Wolf was a show that helped define its characters through style and each one was unique to the person wearing it. So who was the best dressed and who was the worst? We’ve got the ultimate ranking, from style-less to style-loving, right here!

10 Scott McCall

It’s fascinating that the main character of a show is the one who lacks the least fashion-forward wardrobe, but it also makes sense. Scott wasn’t intended to be the type of person who is constantly the center of attention. As such, both he and Stiles don’t have much fashion sense but it’s really not needed.

Stiles is a different story, but Scott is able to become a werewolf – making awesome outfits somewhat of a last priority. It would have been way too distracting watching him dress to the nines in addition.

9 Stiles Stillinski

If you don’t love Stiles, are you even a Teen Wolf fan? He broke many a heart when he lost himself in Void Stiles but even then, his wardrobe never changed. While Stiles went from t-shirts and patterned sweatshirts to flannels and plaid, he was never a flashy guy and we kind of love it.

His personality is big enough to support him and somehow, his sarcasm and socially awkward tendencies definitely matches his comfort clothing.

8 Derek Hale

We’re pretty sure that Derek wore the same outfits through the entirety of six seasons: A tee, dark jeans, a leather jacket, and boots… and that’s when he was wearing and type of shirts at all. This isn’t a complaint – seriously, have you seen the guy?

Tyler Hoechlin is modeled after a Roman statue, we’re quite sure of it. With a face like that, any type of fashion sense is completely wasted. Plus, a leather jacket definitely became his signature look.

7 Peter Hale

Much like Derek, Peter didn’t really wear anything remarkable throughout the show. It must be a werewolf thing because really, none of the werewolves on the show had expansive outfit options.

The episodes where we witnessed Peter in anything but a v-neck tee were the ones we remember, because that’s pretty much all he wore throughout. Granted, he’d throw on a cool jacket every now and then and switch up his shoes, which is why he’s a bit higher on the list.

6 Kate Argent

There were certain episodes prior to her demise when Kate Argent wore something other than a tight-fitting tank or tee with a leather jacket, but they were few and far between.

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Then she became a werewolf-coyote hybrid, so her wardrobe was fairly irrelevant. Once again, Kate was a role that required charisma and a conniving wit, all of which are irrelevant in the world of fashion. She did have some pretty amazing hair, though.

5 Malia Tate

Malia was super cute but also ridiculously feisty. She never really got over her werewolf nature or the fact that she fought to survive in the wild for so long. Her on-screen wardrobe drastically improved by her last few episodes, but it was never anything to write home about.

Somehow, her outfits always seemed to suit her personality – practical yet understated, with a just enough flair to show that she was slowly becoming human again.

4 Jackson Whittemore

Of course, Jackson ranks pretty high on this list. It was not secret that he came from a family of money and while tragically misunderstood, he still thought pretty highly of himself.

From his car that cost at least two years of our rent payment, to a wardrobe that screamed well-bred, he was the most fashion-forward guy on the show. His sneakers alone would probably pay for some of our bills and we’re low-key jealous.

3 Allison Argent

When we first saw Allison, one of the things many noticed was the fact that she had a distinct style. This also changed throughout the show and went from ultra feminine to a bit more dark and gothic.

She started out with oversized necklaces, cute flats and sweaters, and ended the show in leather, black, and combat boots. We were totally digging the change until the end, when we all shed a tear for the greatest archer in all of Beacon Hills.

2 Lydia Martin

It’s no surprise that Lydia made the list and until Kira came along, she was single-handedly the best dressed character on the show. It was obviously from the first episode that she thought quite a bit of herself, but it was only because she was so guarded – obviously, her looks were a front for her deep-set fears.

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From floral dresses and leather booties, to short, skater-style skirts and colorful jewelry, Lydia had her own personal brand of style. It wasn’t just her clothing that changed according to her mood, though, it was her hair, too – this girl had a look for everything and she rocked all of them.

1 Kira Yukimura

Normally, Lydia would have earned the spot as the top-dresser in Beacon Hills. However, Kira brought to the show something other characters had been lacking: A fearlessness when it came to her own taste and appearance. She was a combination of punk, cozy, Kawaii, and futuristic, and it was completely different from anyone else.

As opposed to Lydia’s slightly preppy, super feminine touch, Kira was the rock ‘n roll, punk rock counterbalance that the show so desperately needed. It was this, in combination with her intelligence and strength that set her apart from the rest, both in style and personality.

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