Game Of Thrones Season 8 Cut A Key Part Of Theon’s Redemption

gomoviesDecember 8, 2019

Readers of the Game of Thrones season 8 scripts have discovered that a key scene between Theon Greyjoy and his sister Yara was cut, robbing the character of his redemption arc. Theon, played by Alfie Allen, was portrayed as a cowardly figure for much of the series, especially when it came to his disloyalty to House Stark. He redeemed himself a bit when he saved Sansa Stark from Ramsay Bolton, but he returned to his spineless ways soon after, abandoning his sister Yara after she is captured in season 7 episode 2. Game of Thrones season 8 served as Theon’s redemption tour: not only did he save his sister, but he also traveled to Winterfell to fight in the impending battle.

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Although his loyalties flipped throughout the series, Theon eventually aligned with his sister Yara as the pair participated in Tyrion’s plans as part of Daenerys’ council. While the siblings were traveling to Dorne, their fleet was ambushed by Euron Greyjoy, their devious uncle. During Euron’s siege, Yara was taken hostage and Theon deserted his sister by jumping overboard. After coming to terms with his past actions, Theon gathered Yara’s supporters and led a rescue mission. Liberating his sister at the beginning of season 8 was a key event in his redemption story, but as the script for the episode reveals, the scene was cut short.

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Theon’s interaction with Yara following her rescue played out a little differently in the original scripts. After finding Yara tied up on Euron’s ship, he untied her, and she repaid the favor by headbutting him. They then share a mutual look of respect before planning their escape. As stated in the season 8 scripts, which are available at the Writers Guild Foundation Shavelson-Webb Library in Los Angeles (via Insider), Theon used that moment as an opportunity to share his regret. The scripts described that it was” hard for Theon to talk about the night he betrayed his sister and jumped overboard, but he finally brings himself to say the words.” Theon then called himself a “coward,” to which Yara replied by arguing that he was brave enough to save her from Euron.

The Significance of Theon’s Scene With Yara In The GOT Script

Game of Thrones

The original Game of Thrones season 8 scripts made Theon’s moment with Yara more meaningful. After his cowardly act of jumping ship, Theon reflected on the past and figured out the kind of person he wanted to be. Rather than keep his emotions hidden, as he did in the episode that aired, in the script he shared how much he regretted betraying Yara and fought hard to make amends. Even when he succeeded in setting her free, Theon was far from redeemed in his own eyes. He knew he had to go to Winterfell to help Jon Snow and Sansa fight the enemies of the North. Theon bravely volunteered to protect Bran in the godswood and sacrificed himself in the process.

The scene with Yara after her rescue would serve as Theon’s last significant moment with his sister. The original extended scene in the Game of Thrones script would have provided Theon with more closure. He most likely knew that he wasn’t going to leave Winterfell alive if he joined the battle. A more conclusive ending between the siblings would have further developed Theon’s tale of redemption; instead, the truncated version of events that aired leaves Theon’s arc feeling incomplete.

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