DreamWorks’ 10 Worst Animated Movies (According To Rotten Tomatoes)

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Though DreamWorks Animation has created many hits, the film studio has also created a handful of flops. Being that we’ve already focused on the best of DreamWorks, we’re here to instead look at the movies that didn’t shine as bright. To do this, we’ll be using the rating system on Rotten Tomatoes. The movie review aggregation website has assigned every DreamWorks film a Tomatometer score a score on a scale of 1 to 100. These scores are based on the positive and negative reviews of critics, and they’re what we’ll be turning to for answers.

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With the logistics out of the way, it’s time to trek through the jungles of Africa, adventure in a fairytale kingdom, and fly by the world of a bee. Here are the worst animated DreamWorks movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (64%)

The only film on this list to avoid a “rotten” rating is the 2008 sequel to Madagascar with a Tomatometer score of 64%.

This film has the original zoo animals attempting getting out of Madagascar after the penguins put a wrecked plane back together. However, their plans quite literally come crashing down, and the gang is soon faced with more members of their species in Africa. While they’re at first excited, they begin to wonder if they really do belong back at their New York home. The improved animation, fuller characters, and smarter humor left the film with generally positive reviews.

9 Shrek Forever After (58%)

Shrek, Fiona, and their kids in Shrek 4 Forever After

Unfortunately, the fourth installment in the Shrek franchise didn’t receive the same praises, leaving theaters with a 58% Tomatometer score. Shrek Forever After has the titular character questioning his domestic world and longing for the freedom of his single life. However, after making an exchange with Rumplestiltskin, he is whisked into an alternative reality in which he and Fiona aren’t married with kids. This has Shrek setting out to reset the timeline, find Fiona, and turn things right.

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The film was rated averagely, with many feeling that while the movie was fine, the series was feeling a little over-done.

8 Madagascar (54%)

The original 2005 Madagascar film also received average reviews, reigning in a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The animated comedy tells of a group of animals who live in the Central Park Zoo. The problem? These creatures are tired of living in captivity and wish to explore the earth. As it turns out, the outside world isn’t as easy-going as they hope. Although the film’s humor felt empty and the story had its flaws, this original installment launched a long franchise.

7 The Boss Baby (52%)

The Boss Baby Teaser Trailer

Based on the picture book of the same name, this 2017 animation tells of a 7-year-old named Tim whose life gets turned upside down after he meets the newest member of his family: a suit-wearing, briefcase-bearing baby who refers to himself as The Boss.

Though jealousy ensues, Tim soon learns that the child is actually a spy who is trying to solve a dispute between puppies and babies. Despite featuring a strong cast, the film flopped because of its cheesy humor and thin story. This had it earning a 52% on Rotten Tomatoes.

6 Bee Movie (50%)

Though the Bee Movie became an internet sensation, it’s definitely not a critical hit, taking in a 50% Tomatometer score.

The animated comedy tells of a student who, after finishing college, decides to figure out what comes next. While there are lots of honey-involved jobs to choose from, he longs to chase after something bigger. This leads him to befriend a human, only to learn that people have been stealing honey throughout history. Though the movie had its moments, the premise looked like it was trying too hard.

5 Home (50%)

This 2015 sci-fi comedy, loosely based on Adam Rex’s children’s book The True Meaning of Smekday, tells of an alien race that takes over the world and relocates humanity. A young girl named Tip, however, hides during the relocation and ends up befriending one of the extraterrestrial creatures named Oh. While Oh tries to help Tip find her family, threats of a competing alien race loom over their attempt.

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The film received a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. Though the movie was colorful and fun, it comes out forgettable when compared to other animated favorites.

4 The Road to El Dorado (48%)

Road To El Dorado

Though the premise was fun, this 2000 adventure-musical fell flat with predictability. The Road to El Dorado had a set of con-men attempting to escape Spain and journey to the Lost City of Gold after acquiring a map.

The film took home a 48% Tomatometer score due to its mixed to average reviews. While there was tons of excitement and fun, the emotion oftentimes contained in highly praised animated films was absent.

3 Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas (45%)

This 2003 adventure had sailor Sinbad setting out on an adventure to rescue the Book of Peace after being framed for a crime by the Goddess of Discord.

While Sinbad might have saved the day, his movie did not, receiving only a 45% from Rotten Tomatoes. Though the art style was praised, the magic was lackluster.

2 Shrek The Third (41%)

Shrek is about to become the ruler of Far, Far Away after Fiona’s father passes, but he’s not excited about it. Feeling unfit to be king, Shrek searches out someone that he thinks can rule the land: Fiona’s teenage cousin, Artie.

While Shrek ventures to bring her to the throne, Prince Charming goes on his own quest for the kingdom. The film brought in a 41% Rotten Tomatoes score, with many feeling that the jokes had overtaken the charm and warmth present in earlier film installments.

1 Shark Tale (36%)

The worst-ever DreamWorks animation, according to Rotten Tomatoes, is none other than Shark Tale. This fish-filled comedy tells of a tiny sea creature named Oscar who lies about having murdered a shark named Frankie. Though he at first relishes how others now fear of him, he has a bigger problem looming on the horizon; The mob sharks who believe Oscar committed the killing are out to track him down.

Shark Tale only swam to a 36% Tomatometer score, with many criticizing the stereotypes, over-specific pop culture jokes, and problematic story.

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