10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

gomoviesDecember 8, 2019

The Office has been off air for a few years now, but it still hasn’t lost it’s luster in the eyes of fans and TV viewers. It’s first run is over, but people across the globe are repeatedly rewatching the series over and over again, and while some might think that it might not be as funny the more you watch it, that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case.

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The Office was chock full of characters and moments that were completely absurd but still somehow totally relatable, which is probably why the series has become such a popular place to find source material for memes. There are a lot of Office memes out there in the world, but here are 10 hilarious ones that only true fans of the show will understand.

10 No Need To Ask

And this seems like a pretty legitimate question to be asked, does anyone actually ever start watching The Office and then decide not to finish it?

Clearly the entire series is a massive time investment, nine seasons is quite a long time to be spending on one television series, but it’s almost unheard of that someone watches The Office and then decides to quit solely because they don’t want to continue. Despite it’s insane length, The Office is one of the easiest shows to do a full rewatch of, and that is presumably one of the big reasons why it’s such an insanely valuable property for streaming services.

9 A Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream

Why is this so horrifying and yet strikingly believable? In most instances it seems safe to say that the actual girl in any relationship is the one playing the schoolgirl in a schoolgirl fantasy, but given how domineering Jan seemed to be in her relationship with Michael, all bets are off when it comes to their role playing games.

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Not to mention, it’s much easier to believe in Michael convincingly playing some doe eyed, dopey student than actually performing the role of a bossy and in control teacher or principal. Either way, the idea of Michael looking like this is pure nightmare fuel.

8  Inappropriate Exposure

Should we actually be laughing at how real this meme is, or should we be concerning ourselves with the fact that it is pretty much an exact reflection of reality in American schools?

It certainly says a lot about the expectations that are placed on children when the intentionally over the top and ridiculously conservative character on the show is judging the hell out of someone for being such an open-toed temptress, and that actual reasonable adults are allowed to or even expected to punish kids for the horrifying moral infractions of wearing spaghetti strap tank tops or shorts that aren’t longer than their fingertips.

7 Unprofessional

When it comes to a truly successful and iconic meme, the devil is always in the details. And obviously sending this still from The Office to someone is a pretty funny gag no matter the circumstance, but what absolutely makes this Office meme so priceless is that it was sent from Professor Donaldson’s iPhone.

To be fair, there is no doubt in our mind that the person who received this deserved it, and pretty much every professor on earth would probably do something like this. Also, how awesome is it that high school prepared students for the ultra serious hard work of college, only for this to be the reality of the university experience.

6 Next Level Yearbook Quotes

Modern problems require modern solutions. Obviously no student would even dare trying to make this particularly Michael Scott-y Michael Scott quote into their quote for the senior yearbook, and dear Amber would undoubtedly have been suspended or even expelled had she tried to get that past the yearbook staff.

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However, clearly the students working on the yearbook didn’t do their due diligence when it came to vetting school yearbook quotes, and they completely missed the reference. Or, and this is probably the situation we’d all like to believe is true, someone actually did figure out what she was talking about but put it in anyway and played dumb.

5  Interpretive Titles

To be entirely fair to Michael Scott, Jim actually does make more sense as a nickname for the name Jimothy than it does for the name James. And although Jim was likely irked my Michael’s bizarre riffs on his name in this one particular scene, clearly it doesn’t even begin to compare to everything that Jim had to endure in the years that he was working under Michael.

However with that said, the fact that Jim was so loving and emotional to Michael when he was about to leave the office is a testament to how much Michael can truly win people over.

4 Et Tu?

Actually, this meme puts the murder of Caesar in a whole new light. I mean yes, Julius Caesar was one of the most accomplished men in the history of humankind, however if he evolved into a Michael Scott kind of boss then it’s really no surprise that Brutus and the rest of the Roman senate decided that the only way to handle Caesar’s failure as a leader was with a couple dozen knives to the gut.

And if Caesar had a Michael Scott level of faith in his own abilities as a leader, he really must have been shocked to have everyone turn on him.

3 Questionable Judgment

Here’s a question for anyone who doesn’t find The Office funny. If you don’t find The Office funny, then what exactly do you find funny? How high are your expectations that something as undeniably and consistently hilarious as this long running sitcom still doesn’t tickle your funny bone?

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We can’t even hate on anyone who is in that situation, because it’s more sad than anything. If one cannot enjoy The Office, then what could be found enjoyable in this world? Honestly the only acceptable excuse is that the portrayal of the world’s worst boss just hits too close to home.

2  Divine Inspiration

Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, no? And not to degrade either editions of The Office because they’re both spectacular, but the US version of the series really deserves props for it’s ability to come out from beneath the shadow of the UK version.

The original Office was understandably adapted for American audiences, because it’s indisputably one of the funniest sitcoms it the past few decades. However, the American Office ran for far longer than the UK version did, and it managed to make an incredible premise and grow it into a legendary sitcom in it’s own right.

1 A Michael Scott Mood Board

Oh, that awkward moment when two out of your four emotions aren’t really even emotions. One of the most heartbreakingly relatable aspects of Michael Scott as a boss is that despite the fact that he’s an insufferable loon, he actually has a heart buried beneath all of his uncouth behavior and obnoxious attitude.

The Office did a brilliant job of always making Michael sympathetic even when no one wanted to give him sympathy, and the fact that Michael is now used in memes where people express their own emotional states just goes to show how real he felt sometimes.

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