Truth Be Told: Where Else You’ve Seen the Actors

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

Truth Be Told is a gripping drama that just premiered on Apple TV+. Based on the novel Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber, it is about a true crime podcaster named Poppy Parnell who rose to fame after covering the case of a killer named Warren Cave. Her reporting helped get him convicted. But now, years later, questions arise as to his potential innocence. And Parnell must deal with not only trying to find the truth, but also her own guilt for possibly having helped put away an innocent man.

Parnell is played by Academy Award-winning actor Octavia Spencer, who you know from such massive hits as The Help and Hidden Figures. Cave, meanwhile, is portrayed by Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad and El Camino fame.

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But the series also has a pretty great supporting cast of characters that you might recognize from other top films and TV series, too. So, where have you seen them?

10 Lizzy Caplan

Playing dual roles as both Josie and Lanie Burhman, twin girls whose father was the murder victim when they were children, Caplan has been acting since the late ’90s. She first broke onto the scene on the cult classic series Freaks and Geeks, but really got recognized for her role in Mean Girls.

Today, she continues to act in popular projects, most notably Showtime’s Masters of Sex, on which she starred from 2013 to 2016, and in the Hulu original series Castle Rock.

9 Elizabeth Perkins

As Melanie Cave, Warren’s grieving and now ill mother, Perkins has a long resume of hit movies and TV series. She is best known today for her lead role in the long-running Showtime series Weeds where she played a single mother who becomes a drug dealer to support her family.

She has appeared in iconic films like the 1994 version of Miracle on 34th Street and Big (1988). In addition to this series, she can now also be seen in the just-released comedy miniseries The Moodys, based on the Australian series of the same name.

8 Michael Beach

Playing Poppy’s husband Ingram Rhoades, you might recognize Beach from NBC drama Third Watch, where he played Monte Parker. He has also been in a number of movies like Lean on Me, One False Move, and Waiting to Exhale.

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His big screen debut was way back in 1987 in End of the Line, but he got his big break as Angela Bassett’s cheating husband in Waiting to Exhale. ER fans will also recognize him from his role as the ex-husband of Jeanie Boulet, which he played from 1995-1997. He has also had guest roles on Law & Order, Sons of Anarchy, The Blacklist, and many other shows.

7 Mekhi Phifer

I Know What You Did Last Summer - Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi players Markus Knox, a former detective and long-time friend (and former boyfriend) of Poppy’s. The actor is known for his roles on medical drama ER, where he played Dr. Greg Pratt, as well as for co-starring in the feature film 8 Mile alongside Eminem.

More recently, you will have seen him in a recurring role on Lie to Me and as a CIA agent in Torchwood: Miracle Day. His movie and TV appearances date back to 1995’s Clockers and New York Undercover. He has also appeared in a number of music videos.

6 Tracie Thomas

Desiree Scoville is Poppy’s commanding older sister on the series, who is played by Tracie Thomas, a film and stage actor and singer known for roles in Rent, Cold Case, The Devil Wears Prada, and more. She is also known for her role on the short-lived TV series Wonderwall.

Working steadily since the early ‘00s, her most recent roles include in episodes of The Good Doctor and Abby’s, in the 2018 movie The Basement, and in the 2016-2017 Broadway revival of Falsettos.

5 Ron Cephas Jones

A prolific actor with an impressive career, Jones plays Poppy’s motorcycle gang leader father Leander “Shreve” Scoville. But you might recognize him from a much different recent role as the biological father of Randall Pearson on NBC’s This Is Us. He was also an original member of the hacker group fsociety on Mr. Robot and appeared on Netflix’s Luke Cage from 2016-2018.

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Acting since the late ‘90s, Jones has appeared on film as well, and in theater productions. He will also appear in Hulu teen drama Looking for Alaska.

4 Tami Roman

In a recurring role as Poppy’s stepmother Lillian, Roman is best known for appearing on the reality TV series The Real World: Los Angeles in 1994 and as one of the breakout stars from Basketball Wives and its spin-off Basketball Wives LA.

Her other TV credits include CBS show Extant and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. If you don’t recognize her face, you might recognize her voice from Tami Roman’s Love Talk & Hot Jamz, which aired on Houston radio station KCOH.

3 Rico Elliott Anderson

As Herbie, the manager of the biker bar that Poppy’s family frequents, Anderson doesn’t have as recognizable an acting resume as the others. But the actor has appeared in more than 90 TV shows, films, and commercials!

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His most notable roles include in the award-winning documentary Mighty Times: The Children’s March and as Boras in Star Trek: Renegades. Beyond that, he has had bit roles on a long list of series, from S.W.A.T. to The Mick, Grey’s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men, Modern Family, and more. So you’ve probably seen a lot more of Anderson than you realize!

2 Brett Cullen

Cullen’s character is Owen Cave, a police officer and Warren’s father who believes his son deserves to be in jail. The actor has been on the small screen since the ‘80s, first in CBS drama Falcon Crest then adding series like The Young Riders, The West Wing, and Friday Night Lights to his resume.

He also played astronaut David Scott in the HBO miniseries From the Earth to the Moon, and his appeared in many movies, too, like The Replacements, On Golden Pond, and Ghost Rider. But where have you probably most recently seen him? As Thomas Wayne in the 2019 film Joker, of course.

1 Annabella Sciorra

Playing the mother of Josie and Lanie, Erin Buhrman, Sciorra has appeared in a ton of movies, including True Love, Cadillac Man, Jungle Fever, and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. She was also nominated for an Emmy for her guest role on The Sopranos, where she played Gloria Trillo.

But you probably know her best nowadays for her role as Rosalie Carbone on the second season of Luke Cage, a role that she reprised on the third season of Daredevil.

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