The X-Men Are Officially Being Worshiped As GODS

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

Warning: SPOILERS for Marauders #3

Marvel’s X-Men are being worshiped as gods. Mutants have always engendered a range of different reactions from ordinary humans. The stereotypical reaction is one of hatred and fear, with humans lashing out at beings whose powers they cannot hope to understand. But, naturally, there’ll be a far greater range of responses than that.

In Jonathan Hickman’s House of X #1, readers – and, by extension, the human race – were introduced to the new status quo for mutants. Charles Xavier has established a new mutant nation on the living island of Krakoa, and he’s gathered all the world’s mutants there. The first Krakoan ambassador was Magneto, and he carefully organized his meeting with representatives of the United Nations in order to deliver a powerful message; “You have new gods now.” In Magneto’s mind, it is time humanity accepted that they are to mutants as ants are to humans, and that the mutants should be treated with due reverence.

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Marauders #3 reveals that some humans have indeed responded by worshiping the mutants. In one early scene, Sebastian and Shinobi Shaw step through a gateway to Central Park in Manhattan. The United States have essentially established a customs post around it, although the soldiers guarding the gateway insist it’s to keep out “the gawkers.” These turn out to be X-Men cultists, who have dressed themselves in hoddies reminiscent of the Morrison-era Frank Quitely costumes, and they stand in the Shaws’ way until Sebastian is forced to blast them aside. Hilariously, they’re actually delighted and overawed to be struck by mutant energy.

Sebastian Shaw Mutant Cultists

Sebastian Shaw then tells his son that several new cults have appeared across the globe, with wildly competing goals dedicated to both the worship of mutants – and to their destruction. It sounds as though some humans have embraced Magneto‘s philosophy, viewing the mutants as gods, while others have theologized that they are really demons. No doubt Magneto would be pleased at the former, and amused at the latter.

All this gives a hint of the chaos the Krakoan Dream is causing in the world at large. No doubt the Krakoan flowers that are being distributed across the planet are being viewed with religious fervor; some humans will take their flower-derived medicines as sacraments, while others will reject them as satanic. Meanwhile, it’s fascinating to imagine how these various cults are coexisting; it seems quite unlikely that they’re doing so peacefully. It’s not hard to imagine X-Men inspired acts of terrorism, as the different cults wage war against one another. As Sebastian reflects, “Humans. Can’t live with them. Can’t kill them.

Marauders #3 is on sale now in comic book shops.

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