Supernatural Angels Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

When Supernatural announced it was going to introduce angels in season 4, fans were relieved that finally the Winchesters would receive some super powerful allies to defeat all the demons, ghosts and ghouls. However, it turned out the the debut of the angels was not as beneficial as anyone had hoped (off screen though, they were a huge success).

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The angels in Supernatural were cold, emotionless warriors of God and didn’t particularly care for any human, good or bad, who stood in their way. However, the Winchesters did manage to befriend a couple of them. Here, then, are the angels of Supernatural, sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

10 Metatron – Slytherin

Supernatural Quiz - Metatron

Metatron was almost placed in Ravenclaw, as he was one of the smartest angels in existence. He wrote the angel and demon tablets, which were almost impossible to translate unless you had a handy little prophet lying around. And, he achieved the unthinkable: booting all angels out of Heaven.

However, his ambition, cunning and the ability to manipulate lesser beings and angels placed him securely in Slytherin. After kicking all the angels out of Heaven, he got bored and tried to rebuild what he’d broken. Unfortunately, that also resulted in killing Dean, a move which was as shocking as it was unwise.

9 Anna – Ravenclaw

Supernatural Dean and Anna

When Sam and Dean first encountered Anna, she was alone and crazy, claiming she could hear voices inside her head. Those voices turned out to be ‘angel radio’ and it transpired that Anna was herself an angel, albeit without her grace. With the Winchesters’s help, she managed to get her grace back.

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Anna was on the side of good, at least initially, but her role was fairly passive, she didn’t do anything outright heroic. Therefore, we’ve placed her in Ravenclaw. She couldn’t be a Gryffindor because she also turned around and tried to stop her friends from existing by killing the younger versions of their parents. Kinda obvious really.

8 Jack – Gryffindor

Jack is half-human, half-angel. He’s also the literal son of the Devil himself. He posed quite a challenge for Sam and Dean when he was first born, as neither could agree as to whether they should help him, or gank him. Happily though, Jack proved time and time again that he could be trusted and eventually, the Winchesters came to see him as a valuable ally.

Despite slightly going off the rails in season 14, Jack is basically just a sweetheart with a heart of gold. The fact that he has overcome being the spawn of Satan is merely a testament to how strong and good-willed he really is.

7 Cupid – Hufflepuff

Cupid in Supernatural

This little porky angel first turned up in season 5 and he was SO not what anyone expected. All of the angels seen previously had been ruthless, murderous asses, and so we were kind of expecting the same homicidal tendencies from this variant of angel. Obviously, our expectations were totally subverted.

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The cherub that Castiel and the Winchesters encountered was incredibly tame. Also, he liked to hug everyone. Plus, the dude was naked. Like, completely nude. While this was hilarious, the angel was also a coward, even bursting into tears at one point. The Winchesters were completely out of their depth and to be honest, so were we.

6 Uriel – Slytherin

Uriel in Supernatural

Uriel was a jerk right from the very off. He didn’t like humanity, and made no attempt to hide his disdain from Sam and Dean. Whereas Castiel was solemn but fair, Uriel was just a straight up douche. He hunted down his former leader and tried to capture her without any remorse and made life difficult for the Winchesters on several occasions.

However, his biggest transgression was when he revealed that he was a traitor and had been killing angels from his garrison so that Lilith would break the 50 Seals and release Lucifer who would start the Apocalypse.

5 Gadreel – Hufflepuff

gadreel supernatural

Considering how many bad things Gadreel has done, one might be surprised that he’s not automatically placed in Slytherin. However, we’re in a benevolent mood and to be honest, Gadreel’s actions were done with good intentions (sort of). Therefore, we have sorted him into Hufflepuff.

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Gadreel is the Dopey of angels. He let Lucifer into the garden because he allowed the Devil to manipulate him. Because of this, he was imprisoned and tortured by his fellow angels, turning him bitter. The first angel who showed him compassion and forgiveness was Metatron, who in turn manipulated Gadreel to kill Kevin and imprison Sam. It was all very difficult for the poor angel.

4 Raphael – Slytherin

Demore Barnes as Raphael and Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

When Rafael made his first appearance in the season 4 finale, he smote Castiel. That is the main reason why he has been placed in Slytherin. However, there are other numerous reasons why he’s in that House. In season 5, he tried yet again to kill Castiel and this time Dean as well, but thankfully he failed.

However, he returned to annoy basically everyone in season 6. Because the Apocalypse had been prevented in the previous season, the angels in Heaven were at a loss as to what to do next. Two factions formed and fought it out in Heaven, with Castiel leading one side and Raphael the other. This whole storyline was completely pointless and turned a fan-favorite character into someone totally unrecognizable.

3 Gabriel – Ravenclaw

Richard Speight Jr. as Gabriel in Supernatural

Gabriel is one of the most popular angels of Supernatural, and he was also the first angel to appear on the series. When he made his debut, he was posing as another supernatural being called the Trickster. He used this guise during multiple encounters with the Winchesters until they finally unmasked him in season 5.

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For Gabriel to fool the Winchesters for almost 4 seasons, we can assume that he’s got a lot of brains behind his wicked sense of humor. He is also the only person ever (yet) who has successfully duped the devil himself. When Lucifer tried to kill him, Gabriel made everyone believe that he had actually succeeded right until his return in season 13.

2 Lucifer – Slytherin

Slytherin House has got a reputation for housing all the worst Dark Wizards of all time. Therefore, it makes total sense for us to sort Lucifer into Slytherin. Nothing Lucifer ever does is good or pure, and he always puts his needs first without fail. He is Supernatural‘s best antagonist and an absolutely horrible villain.

Lucifer’s villainous acts transcend every other antagonist on the show. He was indirectly responsible for Ellen and Jo’s deaths, he very nearly succeeded in destroying the world, he ripped apart Sam’s soul in Hell, and he’s never missed out on an opportunity to cause the Winchesters unnecessary pain.

1 Castiel – Gryffindor

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

Who could forget this angelic angel? Castiel melted our hearts from the moment we met him, thanks in part to him rescuing Dean from his unending suffering in Hell. Cas started out as a born and bred warrior angel, devoted to serve those above him. However, over time, Castiel began to develop a sense of independence.

Through this, he started to question his orders and beliefs and eventually turned against the angels to side with the Winchesters. Castiel was such a popular character that he was made a main character in the series. His bond with Sam and Dean is unbreakable and they truly see him as part of their family, and he them.

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