Princess Margaret’s 5 Best Outfits (& 5 Worst)

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

The third season of the brilliant drama, The Crownfinally premiered on Netflix this year. While we got a whole new cast, the characters are as dynamic and lovable as ever. We know for a fact that many of you are die-hard Princess Margaret fans, and likely want to just become her in another life.

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This woman is fierce, independent, brilliant, and totally stunning. Of course, her outfits are probably some of our favorites from the series. While we now have Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter to thank, we’ve made a list to celebrate this bombshell’s wardrobe. Of course, not all of them can be equally as lovely. So, without further ado, here are Margaret’s 5 best outfits from the show, and 5 worst.

10 Worst: The Blue Lace Jacket

Margaret is always a Queen (or, Princess?), but not every outfit can be as stunning as the rest. While she still looks beautiful, this lace jacket and mesh-topped dress isn’t exactly our favorite. It’s not super flattering, and we could probably do without either of these materials. While she can pull off many blazers, this isn’t one of them that we’re looking borrow for our next outing. Unfortunately, this outfit takes a “worst” slot on this list.

9 Best: The Coat

Margaret looks absolutely amazing in anything from a ball gown to a simple coat. Of course, this fur coat isn’t exactly simple, but it’s definitely one of our favorite pieces from her wardrobe. If anything, she’s made this look absolutely iconic.

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That coat is absolutely breathtaking, and it looks even more stunning on this bombshell woman, and of course, we love those sunglasses. We’d definitely borrow this outfit in a heartbeat.

8 Worst: The Peach Floral

Helena is as much of a brilliant and stunning actress as Margaret. That being said, of course her version of the character can’t always be perfect. This orange/peach dress with the floral design isn’t totally peaking our interest. Honestly, we’re not even remotely a fan of that color, and it’s not flattering in the slightest. We’re not sure we’d steal this gown, and we know this is probably one of her least stunning outfits. She looks happy though, so we’ll keep our criticisms to a minimum.

7 Best: The Elegant & Simple Dress

This woman absolutely slays simple and elegant gowns. Put a cigarette in this lady’s hand, throw on a sleek dress, and you instantly have a bombshell that’s ready to tackle anything. She looks brilliant and beautiful in this outfit, and honestly, she also looks so incredibly important and powerful that we almost don’t want to mess with her while she’s wearing it. Seriously though, this gown does her ever favor possible, from the color to the cut to the fit.

6 Worst: The Patterned Shirt & Pants

We love a lot of Margaret’s more “casual” looks, but unfortunately this outfit kind of misses the mark. We have nothing against pattern, but that shirt has A LOT going on, and it’s a bit much on the eyes when matched with those checkered slacks. We actually like the color scheme, but this certainly isn’t one of this woman’s most breathtaking outfits. We’re not totally sure we’re looking to borrow it, either.

5 Best: The Green Gown & Jewels

This woman is an absolute star, and she definitely loves and beckons all eyes on her. That green satin gown is beautiful and flattering, and those jewels are a perfect finishing touch. We’d definitely borrow this gown, but we’re not sure anyone would look as brilliant and powerful in it as Princess Margaret. That necklace is quite literally to die for, and that gown is simply stunning. Plus, those shades literally complete this fierce woman’s look. She’s powerful and beautiful.

4 Worst: The Pink Swirl Sleeveless

Of course, Margaret still looks absolutely beautiful in this gown. However, it’s probably one of our least favorite that she wears throughout the series. That color and swirl pattern isn’t really drawing our eyes to her, and we’re not a huge fan of the accessory belt, either.

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We will say that the necklace and bracelet are pretty stunning, but we think this lady deserves more vibrant colors. She’s a bold gal, and she needs a bolder look.

3 Best: The Green Gown

This is definitely one gown that we can get behind. It’s simple, and it’s actually not even that bold. Still, it’s absolutely beautiful, and that color is mesmerizing on this beautiful and brilliant woman. It’s elegant and, well, pretty, and we love the flared skirt with the wide straps. The cut is beautiful on her, and she looks picture-perfect and ready to tackle just about anything. This is one of her more modest looks, and we think she pulls it off spectacularly.

2 Worst: The Red Dress

Again, most of this gal’s dresses are beautiful and bold. However, we’re not a huge fan of the patterns. This dress is no exception, and we’re not super in love with the colors or the geometric pattern it has going on. Sure, she looks beautiful as always, but this dress isn’t calling our attention, and we’d probably leave it behind if we were to raid her wardrobe. While we love her simple elegance, Princess Margaret has definitely had better outfits to fit the bill.

1 Best: The Ball Gown

We actually love when Margaret wears simple and modest outfits. However, we can’t help but be blown away when she finally puts on a bold, brilliant, and absolutely stunning gown. This color could literally not look better on this woman, and those jewels are breathtaking. However, our favorite parts are definitely that fur shawl, and of course, the mesmerizing and beautifully cut gown with the jeweled bodice. This dress was quite literally made for this woman, and she is nothing but a Princess while wearing it. We would definitely steal this, but we think only this bombshell deserves to shine so brightly in it. This is by far one of our favorite looks, and proves that this gal deserves the spotlight with her boldness and beauty.

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