Most Drastic Transformations In Season 2, Ranked

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

The initial success of Queer Eye‘s reboot allowed Netflix to renew it for additional seasons and, right now, two specials taking place in Australia and Japan, respectively. In these continuing seasons, the Fab Five continue to create safe spaces for people and help them live their best lives.

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The show also continues to break boundaries as it did in the first season. In the second season, alongside the original show’s standard formula of helping cisgender, heterosexual men, the Fab Five also help a cisgender woman and a transgender man. Here is a look at those transformations from season 2, ranked from least drastic to most drastic.

8 Episode 1: Tammye

Tammye is a woman recovering from cancer. She is a school teacher and a devout Christian active in her local church. When the Fab Five came to help her, she was planning an event at the end of the week for the church’s community center.

During the week, Jonathan Van Ness, the grooming expert, showed her how to style her hair, which was growing back after she lost it to chemo, in an easy way that still looked good. Antoni Porowski, the food expert, taught her to cook quick, easy, and healthy meals and Bobby Berk, the design expert, helped with the finishing touches on the community center. Karamo Brown, the culture expert, also helped her son Myles feel more comfortable at home and at the church.

7 Episode 7: Sean

When the Fab Five visited Sean, he was a singer-songwriter planning to move out of his childhood home and go to college. The problem was, he was an only child, homeschooled during high school, and primarily hung out with adults over twice his age, for whom he also played music.

Bobby redecorated Sean’s apartment-to-be with a more fitting style for college students, while Tan France, the fashion expert, helped him dress more his age and more stylish, and Karamo helped Sean build his confidence and unleash his inner child. Jonathan also styled his hair so that it looked neater.

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6 Episode 3: Leo

Leo is a married man with two kids who works nights at a bar. When he first met the Fab Five, he was not confident in himself and he was nervous about meeting other parents for fear of being judged. He also rarely cooked and often brought home leftovers from the bar to feed his family.

Karamo helped Leo gain confidence and interact with other parents while Antoni taught him to cook a homemade pasta dish. Tan and Bobby respectively updated and organized his wardrobe and living space, and Jonathan gave him a pedicure and a haircut.

5 Episode 5: Skyler

Skyler is a transgender man who was recovering from top surgery when the Fab Five paid him a visit. He lived with roommates and a cat. There was a designated “pee couch,” on which the cat liked to pee. The house was decorated with Pride merchandise, and Skyler himself dressed like a man in his early twenties, rather than a man his age, in his thirties.

Tan helped him dress in clothes that fit well, which also helped him be more masculine-presenting. Bobby redecorated the house and Karamo helped him change the gender on his license to match his gender identity. At the end of the episode, Karamo also arranged for YouTube star Todrick Hall, of whom Skyler is a fan, to pay a visit to Skyler’s house. Tan also had some growth in this episode as he learned more about transgender people’s experiences.

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4 Episode 4: Jason

Jason is a handyman living in Atlanta, Georgia. He is described as being able to fix just about anything, and he loves attending Burning Man every year. Because of his love of Burning Man, he planned to move to Reno in order to have a change of scenery and be closer to the event.

Even though he was moving soon, Bobby still redesigned the house to make it look presentable. Jonathan also shaved his beard and cut his hair, and Tan updated his wardrobe. At the end of the episode, Jason held a silent auction for things he crafted using antiques and scrap metal. He also realized that he had feelings for his best friend, who nominated him and who reciprocated his feelings, causing him to decide to stay in Atlanta, where he could still have a fresh start.

3 Episode 2: William

William was a creature of habit, living with his girlfriend in a house furnished by her and one of her exes. His diet consisted almost exclusively of cold vegetarian wraps. He loves movies but often allowed his girlfriend Shannan to pick the movie. He also wanted to propose to her but was afraid of being rejected.

Antoni taught him to cook roasted cauliflower with a dipping sauce to bring on a picnic at which he would propose to Shannan. Tan provided a wardrobe with clothes that fit him better and Jonathan shaved his beard and cut his hair. Bobby also replaced Shannan’s ex’s furniture with newer furniture.

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2 Episode 6: Arian

Arian was supposed to be a recent college graduate. However, he failed one class and could not receive his diploma until he retook the class. He also struggled to keep a job and spent most of his days eating fast food and playing video games. He had a hard time taking responsibility for his own actions and would tell lies in order to avoid doing so. He even kept the fact that he couldn’t graduate a secret from his parents.

Antoni helped teach him to cook Persian cuisine, his native culture, though it turned out that he knew more about cooking than he originally let on. Karamo also helped him learn to take responsibility for his own actions, stop lying to himself and those around him, and how to be proactive and fix his problems. By the end of the episode, Arian was able to confess to his mother that he did not graduate.

1 Episode 8: Ted

Ted is the mayor of Clarkston, Georgia. In spite of winning the election, he lacked the confidence needed in order to efficiently run the office, and many older government workers refused to listen to him because he was younger.

The main focus of the episode was getting his life reorganized and help him present himself confidently in order to be more productive while working. In that spirit, Karamo helped him with his public speaking skills while Tan and Jonathan helped him with his appearance so that he could look professional while still maintaining his hipster style.

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