First Look at WONDER WOMAN #750 Released By DC Comics

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

The approach of the landmark Wonder Woman #750 is giving many fans a cue to ponder how much Diana of the Amazons has impacted the world in her 80 years, and that includes the all-star talent assembling for the special 96-page issue this January. Now, DC has offered the first look inside the book, and a small glimpse at the kind of celebration in store.

Fans may be expecting a celebration of short stories, but DC maintains that Wonder Woman #750 will have major ramifications for Diana’s next comic saga beginning in 2020. But a time to acknowledge what makes Diana the kind of character to persist over a century isn’t to be passed up. Knowing that the first and best known female superhero is remembered for different qualities and stories by different fans, the expansive team of writers and artists behind some of Wonder Woman’s most acclaimed stories appear to be divided up the challenge.

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In this new first look, Mariko Tamaki and Elena Casagrande are said to show Wonder Woman’s strength; Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott test her friendship and grace; and Gail Simone, Colleen Doran, and Hi-Fi revisit her love and compassion (and bring back Star-Blossom!) to showcase Diana’s wisdom and wonder. Take a look at the preview interior pages below:

Wonder Woman 750 Tamaki Casagrande Art
Wonder Woman 750 Tamaki Casagrande
Wonder Woman 750 Simone Doran 1
Wonder Woman 750 Simone Doran 2
Wonder Woman 750 Simone Doran 3
Wonder Woman 750 Rucka Scott Art 1
Wonder Woman 750 Rucka Scott Art 2

The publisher previously confirmed that legendary Wonder Woman writers Greg Rucka and Gail Simone would be crafting stories for the 750th issue, along with Vita Ayala, Marguerite Bennett, Jeff Loveness, current Wonder Woman writer Steve Orlando, Kami Garcia (Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity), Shannon and Dean Hale (Diana: Princess of the Amazons), Mariko Tamaki (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass), and more.

The artistic team is just as impressive, with Colleen Doran, Jesus Merino, Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman: Rebirth), Elena Casagrande, and Gabriel Picolo, with more artist announcements to follow. An all-star line-up will also be assembling to deliver variants showcasing Wonder Woman’s different costumes across time, from her creation in 1940 right up to the present day. Fans will want to read below for the full solicitation details, and plan their variant checklist accordingly:

  • WONDER WOMAN #750 (2020)
  • Release Date: January 22nd, 2020
  • Written by: Vita Ayala, Marguerite Bennett, Kami Garcia, Dean Hale, Shannon Hale, Jeff Loveness, Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, and others.
  • Art by: Elena Casagrande, Colleen Doran, Jesus Merino, Gabriel Picolo, and others
  • Cover by: Joëlle Jones
  • 1940s Variant Cover by: Joshua Middleton
  • 1950s Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison
  • 1960s Variant Cover by: J. Scott Campbell
  • 1970s Variant Cover by: Olivier Coipel
  • 1980s Variant Cover by: George Pérez
  • 1990s Variant Cover by: Brian Bolland
  • 2000s Variant Cover by: Adam Hughes
  • 2010s Variant Cover by: Jim Lee, Scott Williams
  • An all-star 96-page celebration of the Amazon Princess by longtime favorites and acclaimed new voices! In the lead story, Wonder Woman’s epic “Year of the Villain” battle comes to a close, leading the way to new challenges ahead. Additionally, this oversized gem tells tales from Diana’s past, present and future by some of the greatest storytellers in the business— including Colleen Doran, Mariko Tamaki, the Teen Titans: Raven team of writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, and legendary Wonder Woman creators returning to the character, including Gail Simone and Greg Rucka!

Wonder Woman #750 is a 96-page prestige format one-shot comic book, debuting in comic book stores and participating online retailers January 22, 2020, for $9.99.

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