D&D Character Classes Of The Main Characters

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Sharpen your swords, string your bows, and get that television remote ready because the cast of How I Met Your Mother are about to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Well, not really, but for a group of people who love playing games as much as they do, it wouldn’t be too far off to assume that they like playing D&D.

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From Ted’s study of mythology and all things to do with the Renaissance to Marshall’s love of board games and always winning when the gang would have game-night, it’s only natural to assume which character class each main character would find themselves in if they happened to take a stroll down D&D lane. Take a look at our list of what character class each of the How I Met Your Mother main characters might be.

6 TRACY: Monk

She can barely be considered a main character of the show since she appears in only the last season (and briefly in one episode of the eighth season) but the fact that she was the titular character that the entire show was wrapped around, she earns a spot on this last. Unfortunately, due to the lack of information about her since she was only around for that one season, it’s hard to accurately judge what D&D character class she might fall into.

However, since Tracy’s fate was to ultimately meet her doom, we can assume from the footage we were given that she was fairly strong and spiritually centered about this unfortunate circumstance, and that type of inner mastery earns her the rank of Monk.

5 BARNEY: Wizard

Seriously, did this one even need to be stated? Forget about all of the characteristics that a person should have to meet in order to fulfill the obligations that a wizard should – their ultimate characteristic and descriptive factor is that they can do magic.

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Guess what Barney does continuously throughout the entire show? That’s right – magic. He may call himself a magician and his tricks may be limited to cards, hoaxes, and especially pyrotechnics, but the fact that Barney has the magical gift earns him the rank of Wizard. To be perfectly fair, Barney could fit a couple of different character classes for D&D, but Wizard is assuredly where he belongs the most.

4 ROBIN: Fighter

What else would you expect from the scrapper of the Hoser-Hut? Even without D&D character classes, Robin could be described as a fighter since she literally got into several fights throughout the series. Not only that, but she was a gun nut who routinely made it known that she was always packing a pistol in case anything went down (she slept with it under her pillow, too).

Along with the actual ‘fighting’ aspects of her personality, fighters can often have an adventurous side to them where they want to venture out and practice their fighting abilities in order to show off their strength. Robin wasn’t a born-and-bred New Yorker, and to move to the big city when she had lived in Canada her entire life was a brave and courageous move. Her homeland might be afraid of the dark, but Robin doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

3 MARSHALL: Dungeon Master

Argue it all you want, but there’s no other spot at the Dungeons and Dragons table for Marshall than at the head of it. In the very first season, it was established how much Marshall loved not just board games, but games of any kind. In fact, he loved games so much and became so good at them that the gang eventually had to acknowledge his superiority and allow him to run their game-nights as opposed to playing alongside them.

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When it finally came to this, Marshall went ahead and stepped it up even further and made his own board-game called “Marshgammon” that had so many rules the rest of the group couldn’t figure it out (other than Barney, apparently). It’s safe to say that if the Maclaren’s gang were to hold a D&D night, Marshall would be the one in charge – and we’d very much like to be invited.

2 LILY: Rogue

In the very true words of Barney Stinson, “Lily is a fiendish mastermind, manipulating everyone so that she gets what she wants. She’s pure evil.” While that might not sound like a compliment, when it came to everybody’s favorite fiery little red-head, it was about the best compliment that could’ve been given. Lily was known throughout the series as being the puppet-master of the group, constantly bending the whims of her friends and enemies to whatever outcome pleased her most.

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She argued that all of her motives were justified, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Lily easily fits into the slippery, sneaky versatile character class that Rogue’s are known to be. It even says in the Rogue description that they’re capable of “sneaky combat tricks and are stealthy and dexterous.” If that isn’t Lily to a T, we don’t know what is.

1 TED: Bard

Ted and Red Cowboy Boots in How I Met Your Mother

Ted is incredibly lucky that there isn’t a “Jester” character class for Dungeons and Dragons because that’s the category he would fall under the easiest. But alas, such a character class has yet to be invented, so Ted would be stuck playing the part of the Bard. And if it weren’t for the Bard’s ability to use combat and magic it would be a perfectly tight fit for everybody’s favorite story-teller.

The whole point behind the Bard’s character and powers is that they’re enhanced through their story-telling abilities, often amplifying their physical or magical attributes by doing so. The entire point of How I Met Your Mother is that Ted is telling a decade long story to his kids. If it weren’t for his complete lack of physical strength, Bard would fit his bill with no problem.

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