Crisis on Infinite Earths Won’t Air An Episode In UK Due To Rights Issue

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

Reports have surfaced which indicate viewers in the UK will not receive one of the five Crisis on Infinite Earths episodes which will soon be airing across The CW’s Arrowverse. One of the largest and most anticipated crossover events in all of television history, Crisis on Infinite Earths plans to incorporate elements of five different shows in the DC Comics television universe while still telling a cohesive story over the span of a little over a full month, likely leaving all of the shows involved in a much different place than they were before the event began.

From Arrow to Legends of Tomorrow, the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event is sure to change things up for everyone involved. Tons of guest stars are scheduled to appear during the event, including Brandon Routh’s Superman and Kevin Conroy as a live action Batman, not to mention the plethora of planned as-of-yet unnamed guest appearances which are sure to surprise fans.

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Unfortunately, it’s beginning to look as if DC fans in the UK won’t be getting the complete Crisis on Infinite Earths saga, thanks to a bizzare oversight which actually seems pretty simple. As reported by Gizmodo, right now no one in the UK owns the publishing rights to Batwoman, meaning the show cannot be aired there. Since the Crisis on Infinite Earths event is taking place on separate shows across The CW‘s DC pantheon, viewers must tune in to those specific shows to see what happens next. Since no one in the UK is currently airing Batwoman, those fans will be missing out on that particular chapter.

The heroes unite in the Arrowverse

In an interview with Radio Times, a spokesperson for the UK-based Sky television company assured fans their Sky One channel would still show the current seasons and Crisis-centered episodes of Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flashbut confirmed they would not be able to show Batwoman. “Sky do not own the rights to broadcast Batwoman, so at present time there are no plans for it to air on Sky One,” the representative said.

Thankfully, the schedule for Crisis on Infinite Earths sees Batwoman as only the second episode in the five-part saga, preceded by Supergirl on December 8th and followed by The Flash on December 10th. Hopefully, this placement means Arrowverse fans in the UK will not miss the most important aspects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, although missing any episode out of such an important event is sure to leave some viewers scratching their heads later on. Hopefully, someone in the UK will buy the rights to Batwoman soon, so everyone can enjoy all of the surely inane events which will follow the Crisis on Infinite Earths saga.

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Source: Gizmodo/Radio Times

Arrowverse Superman Dies in Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailer

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