Christmas Chronicles 2 Brings Back Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn in 2020

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

The Christmas Chronicles 2 brings back Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in 2020. After its Netflix release back in 2018, the seasonal family adventure film found a decent level of success among audiences, despite middling reviews from critics.

Based on a script by Matt Lieberman, whose most recent work includes the animated adaptation of The Addams Family as well as the upcoming Ryan Reynolds led action-comedy Free Guy, The Christmas Chronicles cast Kurt Russell as Santa Claus and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus. The real-life couple had starred together in several films throughout the 1980’s, but their paring in The Christmas Chronicles was particularly notable as it had been the first time the duo had appeared together in a film in 30 years. The seasonal family film told the story of brother and sister duo Kate and Teddy Pierce, who found themselves enmeshed in an adventure to get the Christmas spirit back on track after stowing away on Santa’s sleigh one Christmas Eve. Russell’s portrayal of Santa was a particular highlight and although Hawn’s Mrs. Claus role was only a cameo, the pair were often praised for their work.

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Now, thanks to a press release from Netflix, we know that both Russell and Hawn will be reprising their festive roles in the upcoming sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2. Unfortunately for fans of the original film, the sequel won’t be arriving in time for this year’s Christmas season. Instead, The Christmas Chronicles 2 is set for a Christmas 2020 release. And while that may be a let down for some, the good news is that this time around, veteran Christmas film director Chris Columbus (Home Alone 1&2), will be taking on directorial duties.

In addition to directing, Columbus will co-write the sequel’s script alongside Lieberman. Both Darby Camp and Judah Lewis will be returning to reprise their roles as Kate and Teddy Pierce, with Kimberly Williams Paisley also returning to her role as the kids’ mother, Claire. The plot of the new film sees the Pierce kids older and more mature, with the once optimistic Kate now a cynical teenager. Though the kids’ past seasonal adventure is well behind them, they find themselves reunited with Santa once again when a magical troublemaker known as Belsnickel threatens to destroy Christmas forever. Despite not having been confirmed as of this writing, the success of Goldie Hawn’s cameo as Mrs. Claus in the original film could very well mean that we’ll see more of her and Santa in the sequel.

Of course, Christmas movies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and The Christmas Chronicles in particular didn’t even please some of those who are most receptive to holiday season cinema. However, the original film still managed enough positive word of mouth to merit a sequel, and with Columbus in the director’s chair there is ample reason to believe that The Christmas Chronicles 2 could even outshine its predecessor next holiday season. Until then, the original Christmas Chronicles is still available to watch this year on Netflix.

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