10 Unresolved Mysteries & Plot Holes Left Hanging In Frozen 2

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

As expected, Frozen 2 is a box office success with a $130.3 million in its opening weekend, despite its cold reception that notes how it falls short on its iconic predecessor. While it is indeed an animation spectacle that elevates its visuals to a new standard for Walt Disney Animation Studios, it suffers a narrative slump that had lofty (and noble) ambitions at its heart, but was executed messily that it raises many questions about the Frozen mythology.


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Here are some ten unresolved mysteries and plot holes left in Frozen 2.

And since plot details will be discussed, spoilers ahead.

10 The Rock Trolls’ existence

The Rock Trolls are one of the narrative issues of the first Frozen because of their purpose in the story. While they provided King Agnarr and Queen Iduna a solution to aid Elsa’s uncontrollable ice powers to protect Anna, they also raised Kristoff and Sven as one of their own. And in turn, the trolls forced him and Anna into courtship through the song number “Fixer Upper”.

The only prominent figure of the trolls is Grand Pabbie (voiced by Ciaran Hinds), who provided the steps to stop certain conflicts. In this movie’s case, he shared about Arendelle’s hidden conflict with the Northuldra tribe and a call for action.

While the Rock Trolls’ presence are limited this time, it still raises the thought if they are recognized or acknowledged by the people of Arendelle as mystical beings. This is notable since the trolls are seen evacuated with the citizens of Arendelle.

9 Who was in charge of Arendelle?

After Grand Pabbie convinced Elsa and Anne to uncover the truth about their kingdom’s concealed conflict, the sisters, along with Olaf and Kristoff, set out to the fog-laden Enchanted Forest to uncover the secrets of their kingdom’s past.

But it also leaves one plot hole: who was in charge of Arendelle when two of their rulers went on their quest?

Arendelle’s royal hierarchy seems vague, especially from the first Frozen since it looked uncertain as to how the kingdom was run after the death of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna from a shipwreck. At least previously, when Anna went after Elsa, she left Hans in charge of the kingdom, even though he was revealed to be conniving.

8 Why did King Agnarr never return to the Enchanted Forest?

Earlier in the film, King Agnarr told his daughters about the tale of King Runeard and his bold skirmish to forge an alliance with the Northuldra tribe, which resulted in a bloodbath that nearly killed him. However, he was saved by a Northuldran girl, which turned out to be Queen Iduna. Agnarr never realized it was Iduna who saved him, let alone knew who his savior was.

After having escaped the treachery, the future heir to the throne would have to resolve the mystery of how the kingdom of Arendelle and the Northuldra tribe came into a disagreement that resulted in a massacre. But seeing the arc of King Agnarr, his primary reasonable concerns were Elsa’s mysterious powers and Anna’s welfare.

7 The conflict between the soldiers and the Northuldra tribe

After Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven passed the thick fog shrouding the Enchanted Forest, they encounter the Northuldra tribe and the Arendelle soldiers, who are tasked to defend a dam constructed by King Agnarr. It was revealed that the tribal people and the soldiers were trapped by the elemental spirits after their sudden battle and are still at odds with each other.

The conflict between the parties is clear enough, with one party accusing the other of starting the massacre. And the way that the elemental spirits conceals the two parties is that they are trapped without a trace outside.


6 Lieutenant Mattias

Lieutenant Mattias is a new addition to the Frozen cast. He was the official guard to then Prince Agnarr, who guided the prince on his father’s quest to forge an alliance with the Northuldra tribe. Like Agnarr, he has no knowledge of King Runeard’s secret ploy of luring the tribe into a celebration and his intent of slaying the tribe leader.

Along with his fellow soldiers, Mattias was trapped by the spirits in the Enchanted Forest, though they were oblivious to this fact until Elsa and company turn up.  Considering tha,t and his role as Agnarr’s protector, one would think that he would also have that in mind, aside from guarding the dam and projecting power over the tribe. Nevertheless, he reunited with his lover, Halima.

5 Why did waking the elemental spirit cause near destruction to Arendelle?

Throughout the film, Elsa heard a voice that she only can receive. This voice is later revealed to be a summons from her mother that directed her to the mystical realm Ahtohallan. She unintentionally succumbed to the mysterious voice and it causes the spirits to start a rupture in Arendelle. This causes the kingdom (and the trolls) to evacuate to the cliffs.

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Looking into the history of the films, Elsa has more than one instance when her powers go haywire without her noticing. And this raises the mystery as to how the spirits react to certain elements.

If the aim is to convince Elsa and Anna to uncover the truth of their family’s past, then sending a near cataclysm in the kingdom would be overkill.

4 Can the spirits be easily tamed?

Speaking of mythology, the film built up the crucial five element spirits that balanced nature and protected the lands.

The first spirit revealed itself in the form of a whirlwind, but was subdued calmly; Olaf named it Gale. The second spirit represented fire and sent destruction after the heroes meet the Arendelle soldiers and the Northuldra tribe, but Elsa repressed it and revealed it to be the salamander, Bruni. The third one was the Nokk, a water horse that Elsa tamed on her way to Ahtohallan. The fourth one was actually the rock giants that guarded the forest. And finally, because of the calling she received, Elsa became the fifth spirit.

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But with the determination Elsa and Anna projected, it does raise the question: can the elemental spirits be that easily tamed or controlled to their will?

3 Why did Ahtohallan freeze Elsa?

Realizing that Agnarr and Iduna’s quest to find the river caused their deaths, Elsa forced Anna and Olaf out of her path and prompted to go to Ahtohallan with the newly tamed Nokk spirit.

In an engaging scene that is reminiscent of Under the Skin, Elsa delved to the deepest part of Ahtohallan where she uncovered the truth behind King Runeard and the purpose of the dam. But it caused her to freeze, somehow. But she was able to alert Anna through ice sculpture.

Considering that she became the fifth spirit, one would think that she would overcome the frigid conditions of the river. But no.

2 Why Didn’t Anna Get Powers?

Elsa’s powers were revealed to be a gift to Queen Iduna by the elemental spirits for valiantly saving the life of Agnarr, someone not from her tribe. But why was not Anna given the same powers, if not a similar power from nature?

It could be reasonable for Anna’s character arc to make a point that even people without special gifts can rise to a role of leadership. Though, it is a note to acknowledge since if the spirits think that Iduna’s act is that precious, they would have given magical powers to Anna as well.

1 Destroying-the-dam resolution

The movie’s climax involved Anna luring the giant earth spirits to throw rocks at the dam, with the help of Lieutenant Mattias. Since the dam that King Runeard constructed was designed to clog the tribe’s resources because of his resentment for their connection to magic, Anna hoped that this would appease the spirits and make peace with all.

But back to the dam, it does leave the hanging question as to what resources King Runeard was attempting to block since the dam is constructed inside the forest. And if such construction takes place, why the elemental spirits did not stop it from coming to fruition? And with connection to nature, how come the tribe are not given powers like Elsa’s?

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