10 Things We Want To See From The DC Sequel

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the next major DC releases on their ever-growing movie slate. The original film featuring Diana Prince took everyone by surprise and was one of the biggest successes of the DC Extended Universe so far.

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The sequel is set to expand the world further and continue exploring the life of Diana leading up to when we last saw her, as part of the Justice League. We’ve listed 10 things we want to see in the next Wonder Woman film that we think would make the franchise even greater!


The villains of the DC films are pretty hit and miss. While characters like Zod and Ares, for the most part, have been correct to the comics, others like the Joker or Lex Luthor have been less than impressive. We hope that Cheetah follows the trend of the former rather than the latter.

The character of Minerva is a deeply interesting one with a complex history. After becoming cursed during her research, she develops a hatred of Wonder Woman, becoming her mortal enemy. We believe Kristen Wigg will knock this out of the park.


The first film has already identified that there may be magic in this universe and indeed other films have pointed to this fact also. Doctor Fate is one of the best magical characters in the DC Universe and we believe he could fit in really well with this narrative.

There have been a few rumors suggesting that Doctor Fate could be making an appearance. If that is the case we hope he serves as a mysterious supporting role and isn’t turned into a villain by the end of the film. His presence would deepen this universe though.


Wonder Woman has always been portrayed as an inspirational character and we’d love for this idea to be explored further. The way this could be achieved is by introducing another hero that has become entranced by Diana’s way of doing things.

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However, for this to be really poignant, the character in question has to be resistant at first and grow alongside Diana. We believe that Artemis is the correct character for the job and we look forward to potentially seeing this arc in the film.


Wonder Woman is heavily linked to the Greek Pantheon of ancient Gods. Indeed, the previous film’s villain was actually the Greek God of war, Ares. The sequel will likely continue on the line of some of these themes, but we’d love to see them push it further.

Rather than simply looking at the Greek Gods, the film could take a point from the comics and look at a variety of different cultures. Recent comic stories have seen Diana move into the world of the Aztecs or the Egyptian Gods could be explored alongside Doctor Fate.


The costumes that we’ve seen from Wonder Woman 1984 already look pretty spectacular. However, we want to see something really unique and innovative. Usually, when a new superhero film comes out, there’s a drastic change to the costume the hero is wearing.

The all in one gold look that we’re seeing on the posters is already a great attempt at developing these costumes further. However, we think that there’s even more room here to significantly change the looks of the characters when compared the original film.


The finale to the original film featuring this warrior wasn’t worthy of the rest of the production. It fell into the same problems that many other DC films do, with quirky CGI and a lot of fog and mist to cover the action beats.

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Ares wasn’t a great villain to have a final fight with and the action itself was underdeveloped. With a villain like Cheetah, that final fight might be far more interesting, especially if there are other characters involved such as Maxwell Lord or Artemis.


Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor tragically died at the end of the last film, ending the relationship between him and Diana. It was a powerful moment and we feel like his return kind of tarnishes is slightly. It’s not the best decision in our opinion, but there are ways to write around this bizarre turn of events.

While Trevor could have simply survived the impact of his plane crash, there’s a couple of other magical and mystic reasons he could have returned. We believe these would be far more compelling than simply he parachuted from the plane and hadn’t shown himself for a while.


We’ve mentioned that would love to see some other characters enter this universe, but we want to be very clear. While original characters such as Artemis or Doctor Fate would work well within the context of the film, we don’t want other DCEU heroes.

Many of them were not around at this time, including the likes of Superman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg. However, we don’t want any kind of crossover. The most likely one would be a trip to Atlantis, which could work, but we would rather this stood by itself.


If we’re talking about bringing more magic into this universe, then the villainous sorceress Circe would be a great fit for the production. The character of Cheetah could even gain her powers from this wicked witch, or perhaps the two characters are stuck between the forces of Circe and Doctor Fate.

Whatever the case is, we think this character deserves a chance to be properly adapted to the screen. However, we also admit that the third film in this franchise would greatly benefit from Circe as the villain, so perhaps a simple sequel setup would suffice.


Sequels are well known for scaling everything down and putting our heroes’ back against the wall. We believe this should be no different and there’s a number of reasons for that. Firstly, we believe this villain will be far more personal for Diana to face.

It’s not simply a larger than life god, but a woman that has genuinely fallen into the depths of her own mind and found a blood-lust within. It’s the antithesis of Diana. Secondly, we’ve seen Wonder Woman be pretty indestructible so far, we’d love to see some vulnerability to develop the character further.

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