10 Spiderman Villains We’d Like to see in the MCU

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

With Tom Holland’s Spider-man making his way back to the MCU for yet another movie, Spidey fans can rejoice that he’s back home (for now). Having one of the best Rogues galleries, only rivaling DC’s Batman, the possibilities for the webhead’s next big bad are endless.

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From their villainous plans to their complex personality, each villain is important to Spider-Man’s development as a hero and character. From killing his loved ones to nearly killing him, just about every member of the rogue’s gallery is a worthy foe, here are 10 villains we’d like to see in the next Spider-man movie.

Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man Comic

10 Kraven the Hunter

Starting his career as a big game hunter, Kraven the Hunter is one of Spider-Man’s lesser-known villains but that doesn’t mean he’s not powerful. Obsessed with his family name, Kraven is insulted by Spider-Man’s very presence and stops at nothing to take him down. With his enhanced abilities and hunting background, Kraven was actually one of the first villains to take down Spider-Man by burying him alive for two weeks and posing as the web-slinger to tarnish his legacy. Although Spider-Man like any hero eventually defeats Kraven, it wasn’t easy. Seeing Kraven make his way to a big screen would make for a fun and intriguing plot, with a lot of action and passionate villainous goals.

9 Electro

Considered a wasted opportunity in his appearance in the second Amazing Spider-Man movie, Electro still has a lot left to offer as a complex and powerful villain. Making his start as an Electric lineman, the skilled electrician was struck by lightning but instead of being killed became able to control electricity.

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With his vast knowledge of electricity, Electro quickly rose to fame as a villain and tormented Spider-Man, who at first was unable to even get near him. With his powers and his arrogant and selfish attitude, Electro is one of Spider-Mans greatest villains and one looking for a chance of redemption given his misrepresentation.

8 Mister Negative

For those that have played the PS4 Spiderman video game, Mister Negative is very familiar and we know that he is no one to be taken lightly. Long before he had the ability to control black electrical energy as Mister Negative,  Martin Li was a known criminal, illegally smuggling and trafficking humans. With his amazing powers, he feels unstoppable and will destroy anyone in his way. With the ability to manipulate dimensions and his ability to escape capture, Mister Negative can bring the same type of action and villainy we saw from Mysterio in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

7 Tombstone

Growing up bullied and ridiculed due to his albino appearance, Tombstone was bound to become a villain. Training to peak physical strength and embracing his bleak appearance. As a mob boss and assassin, he would murder those who opposed him and due to his violent nature became almost as well known as Kingpin. As a skilled, violent, and relentless fighter, not even Spider-Man could keep up with his brute strength. As one of the most brutal villains, we could see a type of beatdown we’ve never seen in the MCU before. He could have a lasting impact on the MCU if he was able to pummel one of Marvel’s greatest heroes.

6 Lizard

Dr.Kurt Connors was a normal, everyday scientist with a simple goal of being able to regrow his arm. In typical comic book fashion, he played too close to the fire and was mutated into a giant lizard, with its only goal to cause destruction. As the neighborhood hero, Spider-Man obviously couldn’t let the Lizard roam around and that a what started the rivalry between the two. We’ve seen a version of Dr.Connors in the first two live-action Spider-man movies so it might just be a matter of time before we see him again, either as a mentor to Peter Parker, or a simple professor.

5 Chameleon

In the comics, Chameleon is Spider-mans first big bad and half-brother to Kraven. With his elite ability of disguising and mimicry, Chameleon is nearly impossible to catch add in the fact he’s never been seen under his signature white mask, he can be the perfect villain for a mysterious and mind-boggling plot. Given his half-brother is just a big a villain to Spider-Man as he is, seeing both make their appearance in the MCU could be great for the next installment. Although Chameleon would be facing a more experienced Spidey, he will still be just as difficult to defeat.

Black Cat

4 Black Cat

When it comes to relationships, Peter Parker has among the most complicated among heroes in all of comics. From having his first love die to have his marriage erased from existence, Spidey can’t seem to catch a break. With Black Cat, his tough break with relationships is much of the same, considering her knack for trouble. Originally taking on the mantle of Black Cat for a life of crime, Felicia Hardy has had a lot of run-ins with the webbed and the two have always had an intimate relationship, showing they care about each other in several ways. Seeing Tom Holland’s awkward and quirky Peter try to talk to the confident and sarcastic Black cat would make for a comical and memorable plot.

Morlun Spider-Man Marvel

3 Morlun

Morlun the eternal energy vampire was part of one of the bloodiest and toughest fights Spider-Man ever faced, literally dying from exhaustion defeating Morlun. Morlun was created to hunt Spider-people all around the multiverse and stops at nothing to track down every member. As a villain Morlun is virtually unstoppable, dying several times in the comics and almost always being brought to life.

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Spider-Man himself has said that he has never felt a punch harder than Morlun and for a guy that’s taken on hundreds of villains and heroes, that’s saying something. As a huge part of Spider-Man’s development in the comics, he could do much of the same if Marvel chooses to phase Spider-Man out of the MCU.

2 Dr. Octopus

In the comics, Doc Ock is one of the few that are “killed” Spider-Man, by taking over his body. Although we probably won’t see the Superior Spider-man arc adapted on the big screen, Doc Ock is still one of Spider-man’s most famous villains. Making his appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-man, we got to see just how tough it was to combat the robotic arms of Dr.Octopus and how hard it as for Peter Parker to take on someone he idolizes.

The Green Goblin in the Spider-Man comics

1 Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

Another villain from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy, William Defoe took on the mantle and very few were able to compete with his performance. Norman Osborn in the comics is manipulative, secretive and unpredictable. Dafoe checked all the boxes when it came to his portrayal of the Green Goblin and was able to show us what it was like to see Spidey take on his greatest foe. Bringing Norman back to the MCU could be just as action-packed, given they pick the right actor and the right plot. As lovable as Tom Holland is like Peter Parker, he’s never quite faced something like this and we should be in for a treat.

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