10 Hidden Details About Chandler & Joey’s Apartment You Never Noticed

gomoviesDecember 7, 2019

Friends is one of those shows that gets put on in the background because you’ve already watched each episode a billion times. In all those viewings it’s easy to miss the subtle comedic touches that are layered throughout the show. A great example is a lot of things in Chandler and Joey’s apartment that even the most voracious viewers of Friends may not have noticed.

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Everyone remembers the entertainment center that Joey built, the foosball table instead of a kitchen table, the giant white dog, and the film noir poster. But there are also a lot more hidden details that jump out after you’ve watched an episode a few times. Next time Friends is on, keep your eyes open for these 10 hidden details about Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

10 The Magna Doodle Is Always Changing

Viewers may have overlooked the Magna Doodle that hangs on the back of Chandler and Joey’s front door as purely a decoration. But the little board always held pictures or messages that changed each episode, and sometimes within an episode. It made its first appearance in season 3 and even moved with Chandler and Joey when they switched apartments with Monica and Rachel. More than once there was a message for Joey to call some girl and after 9/11 there were often tributes to NYC and FDNY on the board. It’s always a fun Easter egg to see what’s on the board in each episode.

9 Thanks For The Stuff

Speaking of the Magna Doodle, at the beginning of season 4 Chandler and Joey get robbed. The robbers leave a thoughtful message on the board saying “Thanks for all your stuff.” Chandler finally got sick of the entertainment unit Joey built for their apartment and insisted they sell it. Joey ends up getting trapped inside the unit while all the guy’s stuff gets stolen. The Magna Doodle note is just a little extra slap in the face that some viewers may have missed.

8 Party Time

Chandler and Joey decide to throw a bachelor party for Ross before he gets married to Emily. Ross isn’t sure who he wants to be his best man, but after the duck accidentally eats Emily’s ring he decides that Chandler and Joey will both be his best man.

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Astute viewers might have noticed that the apartment is decorated with condoms for the party… maybe they just had a lot of them lying around? Nice décor!

7 Changing Apartment Numbers

When Friends started Chandler and Joey lived in apartment number 4 but mid-way through the first season their apartment number miraculously changed to apartment 19. The same thing happened at Monica and Rachel’s apartment across the way, switching from number 5 to 20. The logical conclusion is that the showrunners wanted to imply they were on a higher floor, but it’s never addressed, and viewers are only left to wonder when they catch this little detail.

6 Meat Good

During season 4 of Friends, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Joey and Chandler suddenly had two microwaves. There are so many questions about this. Why two microwaves, guys? Everyone knows Joey loves food, so it’s not implausible that he might need two microwaves to get to the eating faster. Or maybe one of the microwaves broke and the broken one hung around for a while until they finally got rid of it. Both scenarios are equally plausible with Joey and Chandler.

5 Ms. Chanandler Bong

Late in season 4 Chandler and Joey make a bet Monica and Rachel over who knows each other the best. One of the funniest episodes of season 4, the bet ends with them all swapping apartments. Once Monica gets into Chandler and Joey’s apartment, she rips up the gross carpet and finds the same hardwood underneath that she has in her apartment.

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The previously dull brown carpet is that familiar ’70s matted down shag that seems to grace all run-down apartments. After the carpet is gone the apartment had hardwood for the rest of the seasons.

4 What’s In The Oven

In the show’s final episode Joey has a duck and a chick for Chandler and Monica. A nod back to earlier days when Chandler and Joey had a chick and a duck. Observant fans have noticed something really odd in Joey’s oven. It looks like there could be some kind of animal in there. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be the M&M doll that’s made random appearances throughout the lifetime of the show. How or why it ended up in the oven is anyone’s guess. It’s a fun game to be on the lookout for this moving toy.

3 The Moving Masks

There are some decorations in Chandler and Joey’s apartment that appear throughout the series. The Laurel and Hardy poster, the boxing kangaroo. One decoration that fans might have missed are the masks that move around the apartment, hanging on different walls in different episodes. At least one of the masks can be seen as early as season 2 in the episode when Joey makes it big on DOOL and decides to move out on his own. Fans can only wonder how Joey or Chandler ended up with that in the apartment.

2 Rosita, Rosita, Rosita

Joey and Chandler have had a lot of different furniture over the years. From the fine Italian craftsmanship of Joey’s entertainment center, a canoe and patio furniture, to matching recliners, their stuff runs the gamut. In season 4 when Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend, he buys them a new set of reclining chairs out of guilt. Joey names his chair Rosita. Rosita eventually dies a cruel death after her back falls off, but it’s a nice little tidbit to know her name, especially considering the pun. Ro-seat-a. Because she’s a seat.

1 Five Card Charlie

Another one of those moving decorations is the Five Card Charlie sign that appears in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. First appearing in season 4, sometimes it’s over the sink, at other times it’s by the front door and still another time it’s on the other side of the front door. Five Card Charlie is a blackjack rule and doesn’t seem out of place in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. This is another one of those items that it’s fun to keep an eye out for from episode to episode.

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