Watchmen: Biggest Comic Easter Eggs in Episode 7

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Warning: SPOILERS for Watchmen Episode 7

HBO’s Watchmen series is now on its seventh episode, with the whole series already containing several references and Easter Eggs to the original, iconic comic book story. Knowing just how many Watchmen Easter Eggs have been found already, the television series shows no signs of stopping.

Episode 7, “An Almost Religious Awe” takes a look at the history and past of Angela Abar, aka Sister Night. While Episode 6 looked at her grandfather’s past, this episode looks at her own, drawing significant parallels between both of their upbringings (as well as providing insight into the whereabouts of a certain blue-skinned someone)! Here are all the references, hidden secrets, and Easter Eggs fans won’t want to miss as soon as they stop reeling from the craziest Watchmen twist yet.

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9. An Almost Religious Awe

The very first Easter Egg to be found in this episode is its title: “An Almost Religious Awe.” The title is actually a line from Doctor Manhattan in the original Watchmen comic book. Within the context of him talking about his role in winning the war for the U.S, Manhattan refers to the Viet Cong soldiers surrendering peacefully to him after only two months. He says their terror of him was balanced with “an almost religious awe.” The point is punctuated in this episode, where VVN Day (Victory Over Vietnam) is underway in Saigon in Angela’s childhood, and Doctor Manhattan paraphernalia and decor is all over the place akin to Santa Claus and Christmas.

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8. Nova Express

Watchmen squid Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt Ozymandias and Doctor Manhattan

The episode begins by showing a clip from a documentary entitled Manhattan: An American Life. In it, the documentary questions Doctor Manhattan’s more noble and heroic displays against theories that he might be a threat, showing the Nova Express magazine expose from the comic detailing concerns that Doctor Manhattan may cause cancer within those he’s closest to. Fans will remember that this claim was false, in reality a lie created by Ozymandias as part of his sinister plot to create peace. The lie was made in order to influence Doctor Manhattan to leave the planet so as to not interfere with Veidt’s plans.

7. Fogdancing on VHS

Watchmen Easter Egg Fogdancing Book

That’s right, Fogdancing didn’t end with just a book. It looks at though it was adapted into a movie as well. Written by Max Shea, the book has already been referenced before in previous episodes of the HBO series. Shea was one of the unwitting creatives forced to create Veidt’s giant squid. Shea was also the author of the “Tales of the Black Freighter” pirate comics.

6. Silk Swingers on VHS, Too

The VHS easter eggs continue with Silk Swingers, a film that looks to be about Laurie Blake’s mother, the original Silk Spectre. However, it does look to be a more dramatic and liberal adaptation akin to American Hero Story television series found in the Watchmen world, containing several exaggerations and false depictions of the actual events.

5. The ‘Sister Night’ Name Origin Explained


Finally for the VHS easter eggs, there’s Sister Night: “The Nun With The Motherf%&$ng Gun.” Purchased by young Angela Abar, this particular VHS tape is revealed to be the source for Angela’s masked moniker later on in life when she becomes a detective. Furthermore, The Nun With The Motherf%&$ng Gun is the name of one of the tracks from the series’ soundtrack from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. It’s a really great track.

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4. The Only Puppet Who Sees The Strings

During the VVN festivities, we see a puppeteer putting on a show depicting a classic scene from the Watchmen comic. The scene is from Doctor Manhattan’s time in Vietnam where is increased is size to that of a giant, walking amongst the Viet Cong forces. The puppeteer has a large Doctor Manhattan puppet, which brings another Manhattan line from the comics where he tells Laurie that they are all puppets — but he’s the only one who can see the strings.

3. Burgers ‘N’ Borscht

After the death of Angela’s parents in Saigon and some time in an orphanage, her grandmother finds her and prepares to take her home to Tulsa. She takes young Angela to a diner in Saigon called “Burgers ‘N’ Borscht.” It’s a prime example of the unity found between the U.S and Russia after the success of Veidt’s plan, visited in the final pages of the original series.

2. The New Frontiersman

The New Frontiersman newspaper gets another reference, with a copy of it being seen in Looking Glass’ bunker. Fans will remember that the New Frontiersman was the paper favored by Rorshach, further creating similarities between him and Looking Glass as a modern day version. The New Frontiersman is also the newspaper that published Rorshach’s journal.

1. David Bowie’s Life on Mars

Dr. Manhattan On Mars

With the huge reveal that Angela’s husband is in fact Doctor Manhattan (What?!), a cover of David Bowie’s Life on Mars plays which is a nod to the wide belief that Manhattan had been living on Mars. However, in light of this new reveal, it’s now known that he had been living in Tulsa disguised as a human, as Angela’s husband.

Expect to see plenty more Watchmen Easter egg breakdowns with each new episode! And if there are any we’ve missed, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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