THOR Confirms Superman & Wonder Woman Have Used Mjolnir

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Warning: SPOILERS for Thor: The Worthy

A new glimpse into another world has revealed a handful of characters capable of holding Thor‘s hammer, Mjolnir. Among them are the usual candidates: Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Eric Masterson, Throgg and Jane Foster. In a surprising twist, DC’s Wonder Woman and Superman were also included.

In the story Rule for Reflection in Thor: The Worthy #1, by Kathryn Immonen, Tom Reilly, Chris O’Halloran and VC’s Clayton Cowles, Foster’s Thor and Lady Sif encounter a pair of trolls who are planning to use enchanted shards of the Mirror of Finvarra to look into other worlds. The mirror shows the true reflection and the true faces of different realities.

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Since the mirror is enchanted with dark elf magic, Thor decides to destroy it with Mjolnir and turn into stardust. When the shard is thrown into the air, the reflection of different worthy Thor’s can be seen across the shards. Most surprisingly, Superman and Wonder Woman can be seen among the seven people in the mirror.

Holding Mjolnir doesn’t automatically make you worthy. However, both Superman and Wonder Woman have wielded Mjolnir in previous stories. Does this confirm those stories are now canon?

In the mid 90’s DC versus Marvel crossover by Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgens, and Claudio Castellini, Wonder Woman picked up the hammer while fighting Storm and transformed into an Asgardian God. She decides to drop the hammer because it wouldn’t be a fair fight. Meanwhile, in JLA/Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, Superman looked incredibly cool when he wielded the hammer and Captain America’s shield for a brief time. It was the stuff of comic book fan’s dreams. Superman and Wonder Woman would both be unstoppable with Mjolnir’s power at their disposal. Both heroes are already practically invincible, so giving them even more godly power would just be unfair.

Superman Mjolnir Thor

Including Superman and Wonder Woman among the characters in the shards is a surprising, fitting nod to the heroes who have held Mjolnir in different realities. While it’s incredibly unlikely Marvel and DC will ever do another crossover event, the tease in Thor: The Worthy was a nice moment to reflect on the hammer’s past.

Marvel brought in a number of legendary writers and artists to work on Thor: The Worthy to reflect on the character’s different iteration’s history. The three-story comic featured the work of notable Thor contributors including Walter Simonson, Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Katheryn Immonen, Sal Buscema, and Mike Hawthorne. All of the creators returned to tell new tales referencing Thor’s history – even the DC crossover with Superman and Wonder Woman – a moment you might never think would pop up again. It’s cool Marvel allowed them to include the reference.

Thor: The Worthy is available now from your local comic book shop.

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