The Newest X-MEN Team is Officially [CLASSIFIED]

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The world of the X-Men is more energized than ever, and growing with new teams, stories, and comics by the day. But fans can add one more to the list, now that Marvel has revealed “a team of mutants like you’ve never seen before.” Mainly because they’re not revealing who those mutants are… not all of them, and not yet, anyway.

The only details officially offered by Marvel so far promise a new team coming to comic stores in March of 2020, and that the roster of mutants will be “the most dysfunctional X-Men team you could possibly imagine!” Considering that none of the new X-Men teams or books are free from drama or tension, that is a bold claim to make. But regardless of who the roster ends up being, or what mission they’ll be sent on in the brave, new, mutant world, the two members revealed thus far will get fans excited.

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While it may be mixed news for comic fans fearing Marvel’s X-Men books are getting out of control, the publisher promised to reveal new members every day this week, guaranteeing some possible excitement regardless. The image made it clear that Havok will once again join an X-Men team, after being recruited for Matthew Rosenberg’s Astonishing X-Men last year. But the most prominent member is undoubtedly Psylocke of the Fallen Angels, one of the new line-up of books following Marvel’s X-Men relaunch. More are still to be revealed, but shifting Psylocke from Angels — the best of the new X-Men comics so far — to this strange new team will hopefully mean more time with her newly reborn character, not less.

This announcement may offer some explanation for the apparent delay or cancellation of Fallen Angels, with no new issue solicited for February 2020. Writer Bryan Edward Hill offered a brief comment via Twitter, teasing that “there are already plans to continue the story — in a very cool way… but I can’t comment on that yet.” A new, dysfunctional, and [CLASSIFIED] team may be that very plan. But until more details arrive, that’s just speculation.

The remaining silhouettes in the artwork look to include Mister Sinister, Emplate, Nanny, or other similar mutants (Havok and Psylocke were the easiest to decipher). We’ll keep fans posted as more members of this strange new team are revealed. But for the time being, we advise every fan to examine the photo and develop their own theories. Not only on which mutants will end up making the team… but what strange adventure will unite them, if they are as dysfunctional a fighting unit as Marvel claims.

For now, X-Men fans can get their dose of Psylocke in Fallen Angels #2, available now at your local comic book shop.

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Source: Marvel, Bryan Hill

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