The Mandalorian Is Already Showing Why The New Republic Wasn’t Good

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The Mandalorian is starting to shed some light what went wrong with the New Republic. Set five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and the fall of Empire, the Disney+ series is fans’ real first look at the aftermath of Galactic Civil War. The films and TV series have revealed little about this specific time period, including how the galaxy attempted to recover following the long-running conflict.

Starring Pedro Pascal as Dyn Jarren, The Mandalorian follows him on his latest mission that has taken a surprising turn. After delivering a mysterious Force-sensitive child to The Client (Werner Herzog) and collecting its bounty, things became complicated when he decided to smuggle it back. Now he’s on the run with the infant with a pack of other bounty hunters on his tail. At this point, it appears that the Mandalorian’s best hope would be to reach out to the New Republic for help, but based on what we’ve seen thus far in the show, that’s not even an option for him.

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In The Mandalorian episode 3, Mando’s curiosity and perhaps concern for Baby Yoda gets the best of him when he asked Greef Karga if he has any idea what The Client and Dr. Pershing (Omid Abtahi) were going to do. The Guild head was obviously uninterested with the child but suggests that if the Mandalorian is truly worried, he could report this to the New Republic. The idea seemed reasonable, after all, they are the current governing body in the galaxy during The Mandalorian‘s time period, but the Mandalorian simply scoffed and said Karga’s suggestion is a joke.

Then, The Mandalorian episode 4 doubled down on the New Republic incompetence when the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda met ex-Shock Trooper Cara Dune (Gina Carano) who fought alongside the Rebellion during the Battle of Endor. She didn’t say much about her current links to the New Republic, but like the Mandalorian, it appears that she’s now on her own as a mercenary. She did share, however, that the evolution of the Rebellion to become a governing body that can take place of the evil Empire was a tough and complicated.

Tie-in novel Aftermath from Chuck Wendig did give us an idea about what it was like following the Galactic Civil War. The remnants of the Empire attempted to rebuild with what what they have left, while a new governing body in the New Republic tried to establish itself. Sadly, although the latter had nothing but good intentions, the people involved simply didn’t know how to go about the task at hand, hence the populist vs centrist conflict was born. On top of that, despite Leia Organa’s competence, her political career was cut short when it was revealed that she’s the secret daughter of Darth Vader, further plunging the New Republic to chaos and forcing her to ultimately start the Resistance.

What’s great about The Mandalorian somehow tackling the state of the New Republic is that it’s presented from the eyes of commoners in the galaxy. Aftermath gave us a peek at what’s happening behind closed doors with prominent figures attempting to establish a new governing organization. But in the eyes of the likes of the Mandalorian and Cara Dune, they’re simply incompetent and chaotic.

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