Supergirl Season 5 Episode 100 Set Photo May Spoil Major Plot Twist

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Potential SPOILERS for Supergirl episode 100 ahead.

A photo from the Supergirl season 5 set could spoil a major plot twist in the show’s 100th episode. The Arrowverse series has come a long ways since it started out on CBS in Fall 2015, prior to moving to The CW and becoming an official part of the network’s DCTV superhero universe. Things haven’t slowed down in season 5 either, which started out with Kara Danvers/Zor-El tearfully revealing her secret identity to her friend Lena Luthor. Unfortunately, Lena had already found out in the worst way possible – from her brother Lex, right after she shot and killed him (temporarily, anyway).

Lena has since been working in secret on Project Non Nocere (an attempt to make humans non-violent through mind control), and only revealed the truth to Kara in the lead-up to this week’s episode, “The Wrath of Rama Khan”. And although her attempt to launch the project was ultimately foiled, Lena avoided being arrested by having her AI assistant Hope (posing as Eve Teschmacher) take the blame, leaving her to go free, her relationship with Kara broken. But how will the Girl of Steel make things right now?

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Well, a photo from the Supergirl season 5 set may reveal part of the answer. The photo reportedly comes from the show’s 100th episode, “It’s a Super Life”, and shows Kara revealing she’s Supergirl at a National City press conference. You can check out the photo below, courtesy of yvrshoots.

However, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, it’s worth noting this photo might be misleading. The title “It’s a Super Life” seems to be a reference to It’s a Wonderful Life, suggesting the episode (similar to that Christmas classic) takes place partly in an alternate reality. As such, it’s possible Kara is given a chance to experience what her life would’ve been like, had she revealed her identity as Supergirl to the world early on and never had to lie to Lena in the first place. Then again, this may well take place in the real world, where Kara decides to make her secret identity public knowledge. It would certainly be a gesture of good faith towards Lena, demonstrating just how committed Kara is to being completely honest to her friend from now on.

Until then, though, Kara and Lena will have to put their issues aside and work towards a common goal – namely, stopping the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The much-hyped Arrowverse crossover was set up by “The Wrath of Rama Khan”, which ended with The Monitor informing a resurrected Lex of his role in saving the multiverse, and Lex ominously mentioning they need to talk about Lena. A newly-unveiled Crisis on Infinite Earths trailer has since revealed Earth-38 will be where the Arrowverse’s heroes make their final stand against the Crisis, which further goes to show just how important Supergirl and its characters are to the event. It will be hard for the show to top itself after that – but if this sneak peek at episode 100 is any indicator, it will make a proper go at it all the same.

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Supergirl continues with “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part One” on Sunday, December 8.

Source: yvrshoots [via CBR]

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