Marvel’s Future Ghost Rider is The Terminator With Daddy Issues

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Warning: SPOILERS for Ghost Rider 2099 #1 

Ghost Rider 2099 is here! Marvel’s 2099 relaunch has seen a number of familiar and new faces get a starring role in their own series. Miguel O’Hara is back as Spider-Man 2099, Victor Von Doom returns as Doom 2099, Conan is the new Nova in Conan 2099, and Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane is back as Ghost Rider 2099. Zero’s back with a new origin, daddy issues and a killer new body.

In Ghost Rider 2099 #1, Zero’s backstory is a mix of his original arc and something new. Living on the wrong side of Traverse City, Zero is a hacker for a gang known as The Hotwire Martyrs. He breaks into a storage container on a truck and uploads his conscious into its security to help steal power cells. Unfortunately for Zero, the D/Monix corporation, the folks who tried to keep the shipment hidden, find out it’s being hacked and set the container to self-destruct. The person who gives the orders? Zero’s dad.

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Zero dies from the blast and his consciousness is uploaded into The Ghostworks. Introduced in the original 90’s Ghost Rider 2099, The Ghostworks is essentially digital Hell. Johnny Blaze has continued his rule as the leader of Hell, this time taking the mantle of King of the digital realm. He tells Zero his father made the orders to kill him and that if he helps Ghostworks with odd jobs in the future, he’ll reupload his conscious into the Terminator-like robot. Zero accepts and is immediately thrown into action.

Ghost Rider 2099 wears its 90’s roots on its sleeves for the betterment of the book. The ’90s aesthetic includes plenty of mohawks, leather, a catchphrase for cursing (What the shock?), and a gang called the Artifical Kidz. While some might see that as a detriment, Ghost Rider 2099 succeeds because it embraces the inherent silliness of its origins.

Zero returns to D/Monix headquarters and uses his Hellsaw chainsaw to shred through an entire room, cutting a dude in half. His dad offers him to help make Traverse City a better place and to help him on his new journey. Zero declines and sticks his Hellsaw right through his dad’s chest. He warns those left alive he’ll D/Monix off if he sees them again.

It’s fully understandable why Zero has daddy issues. His father literally made the call to have him killed. Siding with him now that he’s powered up into a Ghost Rider with a T-800-esque body and would have been an odd choice. He’s the Spirit of Vengeance. Let’s just say Zero served up some serious vengeance during the encounter.

What the Ghost Works wants Zero to do now that he’s settled his score is unclear. Johnny Blaze wouldn’t have brought him back from the dead and given him new life if he didn’t need him for some reason. Zero is Ghost Rider 2099, and it appears his biggest problems might be still ahead of him.

  • Ghost Rider 2099
  • Writer: Ed Brisson
  • Art by: Damian Couceiro
  • Cover by: Valerio Giangiordano
  • SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE OVERDRIVE! It’s the city that never stops! Welcome to Transverse City, where everything’s for sale-if you’re fast enough to take it! Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was just your average keyboard cowboy until he shocked with the wrong people and got murdered-life’s a glitch, ain’t it? Now, with a second chance from a higher power and an advanced weaponized automaton, Zero will punish those who have spilled innocent blood!

Ghost Rider 2099 #1 is available now from your local comic book shop.

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