John Morrison Returns to WWE After 8-Year Absence

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

John Morrison is returning to WWE after an eight-year absence from the company. Morrison last appeared on Raw, WWE’s flagship show, in November 2011. He faced his rival, and former tag team partner, The Miz in a Fall Counts Anywhere match. Miz won by delivering his finishing move on the entrance stage. This was used as a sendoff for Morrison, who had been involved with WWE for close to a decade. In 2015, Morrison told Steve Austin that he was offered a three-year contract but chose to leave because he wanted more control over his time. After a long hiatus, and after spreading his wings outside the realm of sports entertainment, Morrison is set to come back to the world in which he first gained prominence.

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Morrison would be known by his real name, John Hennigan, in the beginning of his professional wrestling career. Having failed his audition for the second season of Tough Enough, a reality competition series where the victor receives a contract with WWE, Hennigan would emerge as the co-winner of the third season. From that point, Hennigan would be known by many monikers in WWE. Though he is a multi-time champion, having held the ECW World Title, as well as the Intercontinental championship on more than a few occasions, Morrison is probably best known for his partnership with The Miz. The duo had a recurring segment called The Dirt Sheet, in which the duo would mock opponents and show off a bit more of their personality, away from WWE’s often rigidly scripted formula. Although Morrison has had success in other promotions, with slightly different monikers, many fans hoped he would revisit his old stomping grounds for another run.

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As first revealed on WWE Backstage, a weekly talk show on Fox Sports 1, Morrison has signed a deal to return to WWE. This was later elaborated on by WWE’s official website, which added that the former ECW World champion had agreed to a multi-year deal. Morrison, who had seemed to deny reports of his return when they first began to circulate in late September, posted on Twitter to confirm the news. It was noted that the exact date of Morrison’s first appearance is not yet known. Likewise, it is unclear which of WWE’s three main brands will feature the Tough Enough winner.

Morrison has achieved success in and out of the wrestling business since his departure from WWE. He was one of Lucha Underground’s top stars, known as Johnny Mundo. He also had a noteworthy run in Impact Wrestling. In addition to grappling, Morrison has also appeared as a guest on GLOW, Shameless, and Days of Our Lives. Dipping back into his reality show roots, Morrison was a contestant on the 37th season of Survivor. He was eliminated, though he earned effusive praise from host Jeff Probst.

Morrison is no stranger to effusive praise. In his more villainous incarnation, Morrison’s character is egotistical. But, having a long list of impressive matches, he can more than back it up. WWE has changed a lot since the late months of 2011. No matter which brand gains exclusivity to the self-proclaimed Shaman of Sexy, Morrison will have a bevy of new and familiar opponents to face. A reunion, and perhaps a feud, with The Miz should be likely as well.

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