From Superhero Armor To Aran Sweaters

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

We probably all know this versatile and incredible actor as America’s best Avenger, but, in fact, he’s a lot more than Captain America. Chris Evans is one of our biggest Hollywood crushes, and he slays from romantic comedies to intense dramas to throwing shields with the Avengers.

In fact, this man is always looking good while doing it, too. He’s definitely proved his talent and brilliance, but none of us can deny that this heartthrob deserves some recognition for being just that—America’s handsome face. Chris Evans is pretty brilliant when it comes to outfits, and we thought we’d make a list to help spice up your wardrobe, with the help of this man’s closet. From Superhero Armor to Aran sweaters, here are Chris Evans’s 10 best movie outfits.

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10 The Beach Look

This outfit is from the absolutely incredible, heartfelt, and gut-wrenching drama, Gifted (2017). Chris Evans plays an uncle who is raising his incredibly smart niece after his sister passes away. Honestly, you’re going to see more outfits from this movie on this list, because his entire wardrobe from this flick is absolute goals. He’s definitely the heartthrob uncle that all the moms want at school, and we’re not saying that to be stereotypical or gross. Seriously, we love this beach look with those washed jeans and button-up tee.

9 The Motorcycle Look

We think we’d probably get some clap-back if we didn’t include Steve Rogers’s iconic motorcycle jacket. We all know and love this man as Captain America, so you can expect to see a couple looks from his most famous character.

However, this man is a total dad in this outfit, and it’s not surprising that he’s the leading face of the Avengers. We’d definitely hop on the back of that motorcycle, and we might even buy our own version of that jacket.

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8 The Blue Crewneck

This is another outfit from Gifted (2017). Clearly, this outfit is more on the “Aran sweater” side than the “superhero armor.” Still, we absolutely love it, and we’d definitely borrow this sweater any day. He looks handsome as ever, but he also looks super mature and ready for anything in that crew neck. Honestly, it looks incredibly comfy, and it’s simultaneously a stunningly nice sweater.

7 The Jean Button-Up

Another movie with a few incredible looks is Playing It Cool (2014). You can find Chris Evans as the boyfriend-you’ve-always-wanted in this romantic comedy, and we kind of wish every man we knew dressed like his character does.

Sure, this outfit is casual and simple, but it’s totally the kind of thing we love on this man, and something we’d definitely buy for our own closet. We promised this list would give you wardrobe inspiration, either for you, your husband, your brother—whatever, we suggest this look.

6 The Bomber Jacket

This outfit is from one of Chris’s newest flicks, The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019). Honestly, we’d probably go just about anywhere with Chris in this outfit, and we’re definitely taking notes for our next shopping trip. This movie is actually about rescuing Ethiopian Jewish refugees in 1979, so we actually really suggest this interesting and inspiring flick. However, we also definitely have to give a nod to this man, who killed the role and that outfit.

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5 The Office Look

This one was just too good not to include. This basic office look is from The Losers (2010), which follows a CIA special forces team. While that outfit is totally giving us geek vibes, we also absolutely love those glasses and that button-up on our favorite Avenger. That beard and that tie are the perfect finishing touches, and this has become a pretty stellar look for this actor. Seriously, it makes us smile and whistle at the same time, and we think only Chris could look this dashing in that outfit.

4 The Flannel & Shirt

We promise this is the last look from the film Gifted, but we couldn’t help but include this classic dad/uncle vibe. Honestly, his color scheme is on point, and we wish every man out there could match a tee with an over-shirt as well as Chris Evans does. Plus, those shades are honestly way too cool for any of us to pull off, and we would definitely give him the award for the most smoking parent at this school. Of course, this man is way more than his looks, and his role in this movie is actually brilliant.

3 Purple & White

This look is also from Playing It Cool, where Chris Evans stars alongside Michelle Monaghan. We’d like to give her a shout out because that dress and shawl are absolutely stunning. However, our man of interest is looking equally as amazing. That purple button-up is bold and beautiful, and those white pants are definitely making a statement. Again, maybe only Chris could pull off such a look, but this is probably the most handsome outfit on the list. That color is stunning, and this man must be protected at all costs.

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2 The Knitted Sweater

This is from Chris Evans’s newest flick, Knives Out (2019). He plays a pretty hilarious and pompous character, but his outfits are definitely on point. We suggest taking a look for the jacket he wears in the flick, too, but we wanted to focus on this lovely white knit sweater.

Honestly, this elegant and handsome sweater should be a standard for all winter wardrobes, and we would definitely steal this for our own closet. He looks ready for action, but he looks fancy as hell doing it.

1 Captain America

Of course, it would be a total crime not to include this iconic outfit. Chris Evans has stolen our hearts as many characters, but he will always be our Captain America. This uniform is pretty stellar, and it’s actually probably one of the most brilliant costumes of the Avengers franchise. Of course, we strongly believe only Chris Evans could look as incredible, badass, and powerful as hell in this superhero costume. We love everything about this actor, but there’s no outfit better than this iconic look.

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