Everything The Mandalorian’s Helmet & Weapons Can Do

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The Mandalorian follows the adventures of a stoic bounty hunter, known only as “the Mandalorian.” He belongs to the Mandalorian tribe of warriors, who are both respected and feared across the galaxy. The titular character carries with him an intimidating array of weapons, armor, and tools that make this lone-wolf figure a force to be reckoned with.

Most of what is currently known about “Mando,” as he is sometimes called, and his people, comes from brief scenes of dialogue. This clan of deadly warriors are renowned across the galaxy, and their ability to survive despite the loss of their home world is a testament to how tight-knit their communities are. The climax of episode 3 demonstrates that Mandalorians have a code of their own: one that supersedes even the Bounty Hunters’ Guild rules.

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Although the actor Pedro Pascal recently revealed that the Mandalorian’s name is actually “Dyn Jarren,” the character remains mysterious, nonetheless. Even the character’s face is a mystery: in episode 4 of the Disney+ TV series, the character states that a Mandalorian who removes their helmet faces exile from their tribe. This coincides with what is already known about the legendary clan-based people, who value their armor above all else.


Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian Season 1 Disney+

The Mandalorian’s helmet is one of his most important possessions – not only because it protects his head, but also because of its cultural significance for his people. The helmet is made with beskar, the same metal used for all Mandalorian armor (if the wearer can afford it, that is). The helmet also has technology built in that allows the wearer to scan the surroundings for tracking purposes.

So far, Mando’s helmet has been shown with two distinct view functions: a scanner that detects body heat, which he uses to locate enemies inside a building, and a scanner that detects footprints. The helmet also has a sonic detector that allows Mando to listen in on sounds that are out of earshot (i.e. a conversation). The helmet is likely connected to Mando’s rifle, as he often uses both in tandem.


Mando travels with an assortment of tools and weapons to assist him on his journey. The epic shoot-out at the end of episode 3 saw the bounty hunter cycling through his assortment of weapons. His main weapon is his “Holiday Special” rifle – a term coined by fans after Jon Favreau confirmed via social media that the modified Amban rifle is modelled after the one used by Boba Fett in the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. The gun has a scope, shoots “disintegrating” rounds, and is outfitted with a taser on the end.

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Mando’s mid-range gun is a single-hand blaster pistol. For close-range combat, the bounty hunter has a few tricks up his sleeve – or more accurately, his gauntlets. The Mandalorian’s armor features wrist gauntlets, sometimes called “Mandalorian vambraces” in the expanded universe, which house weapons he uses in close quarters. He has a flamethrower in one vambrace, and in episode 3, his armor upgrade included the addition of a “whistling birds” gauntlet: a device that shoots tiny yet powerful seeking missiles. He also has a grappling line.

Finally, the Mandalorian keeps a blade in his boot. This is the warrior’s final defence, as seen in Chapter 2; the bounty hunter took out the blade during his showdown with the Mudhorn. This is actually a vibroblade, which Jango Fett also used in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

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