Every Main Character, Ranked By Funniness

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is well known for being humorous and not taking itself too seriously, and, while all the movies have some comedic moments, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has the most. Both movies are absolutely jam-packed with comedic moments that really make them stand out amongst the rest of the MCU. This is one of the main reasons that the original movie was such a huge hit, despite the fact that the Guardians weren’t well-known characters beforehand.

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With fantastic casting and well-written characters, the movies have proven to be some of the MCU’s best. The Guardians have since been introduced into The Avengers as well, where their humor has also been injected, but who is the funniest member of the group?

8 Nebula

Nebula in Avengers Endgame

We kickstart this list with Nebula, who is one of the most interesting characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. She has a very interesting story arch as she struggles mentally over whether to stick around with Thanos or not, but that doesn’t mean she’s particularly funny.

Nebula is incredibly robotic by her nature, which is intentional but that doesn’t lend itself to comedy. Nebula will occasionally be unintentionally funny with some one-liners that make people laugh due to how unexpected it is. Not every single character can be funny, as then it just turns into a comedy and Nebula is one that is not funny. There’s nothing wrong with that though, as she is a tremendous character still.

7 Groot

It is always going to be difficult to be incredibly funny when you only say one word, and that is why Groot doesn’t rank very highly on this list. Sure, he is incredibly cute and certainly devastating in battle, but he’s not exactly a laugh-a-minute.

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Marvel was smart to give us several different versions of Groot, and they do offer varying levels of humor. Teenage Groot and his laziness and commitment to just playing video games is easily the funniest of the three, although baby Groot is also funny too. Simply because Baby Groot is cute when he dances around and acts silly he does provide laughs. The full, adult version of the character can be funny at times too with his reactions, but overall he just isn’t that funny.

6 Gamora

Much like her sister, Nebula, Gamora is very straight in how she acts and that doesn’t really allow for much humor in her character. However, she isn’t as robotic as her sister (by design), and that does allow her to speak out and bust out a few good lines every now and then.

In a similar way to when Nebula is funny, it is often unintentional with Gamora as she breaks out one-liners against the rest of the Guardians, but that only makes them funnier for the audience. Most of her jokes come at the expense of her love interest, Peter Quill, and the two bounce off each other very well. Gamora gets funnier the more she is featured, which again is done by design. Her character goes from the silent assassin to someone who is more friendly and open due to spending time with others, which makes her funnier.

5 Mantis

Pom Klementieff as Mantis

Mantis is introduced to the group later on, but she quickly established herself and proved that she had plenty of humor to add. There was a worry that Mantis would follow in the path of Nebula and Gamora, as she can be fairly straight in her delivery as well, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

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Marvel changed things up in order to keep their characters unique and Mantis has actually become a very funny addition to the franchise. She is sharp with her comments and very witty. Building a great friendship with Drax, in particular, Mantis tends to have a very similar humor to him with her dry one-liners. As she gets more time on-screen it is likely she will climb this list.

4 Rocket

Everyone knows all about Rocket’s humor. He is a loud trash talker who doesn’t shut up. Rocket’s comedy can be hit or miss, mainly because he has so many lines and doesn’t shut up that eventually some of them aren’t going to land.

However, for the most part, Rocket is incredibly funny. He loves to crack jokes and wind up anybody he is with, no matter the situation or how much stronger and scarier they might be. Rocket is always best in group environments as that is where he is funniest. Having lots of characters to bounce off is something that brings him to life and really adds to his comedy, bantering with everyone he can.

3 Yondu

While Yondu does spend a lot of his time acting as the bad guy in these films, that doesn’t mean he can’t be hilarious in that role. Yondu always has an answer for everything, in a similar way to Rocket, only he isn’t quite as annoying which is why he ranks higher on the list.

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Whether he is talking trash to whoever he is going up against or cracking up jokes with his group, Yondu certainly knows how to make people laugh. Incredibly self-confident and sure of himself, it is all part of his charm that turned him from a villain to a beloved Marvel character who had one of the saddest moments in all of the MCU. Let’s also never forget his Mary Poppins moment, which may very well be the funniest moment in all of Marvel.

2 Star-Lord

Next on the list is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the only character who brings some humanity to the group; Star-Lord. Chris Pratt has done an amazing job with this role, making Star-Lord an incredibly relatable character, despite being from outer space.

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One of the reasons he is such a fan favorite is how hilarious he is. Cracking up jokes as often as possible, he is like the Uncle at a family party who thinks they are hilarious and due to the effort, you end up laughing. That’s not a bad thing, but it sums up exactly how Star-Lord acts. His belief that he’s the best at everything really is funny, as are his attempts at smoothness and trying to win over Gamora. Having great ability to bounce off other characters, Star-Lord has proven himself to be funny in any setting and that has made him very popular.

1 Drax

The funniest character in the Guardians of the Galaxy is easily Drax the Destroyer, who is one of the funniest MCU characters in general. Played to perfection by Dave Bautista, his comic timing is absolute perfection and it has allowed him to become such a beloved character. Drax has such dry humor, in the fact he will say something with such a straight face which makes it even funnier. He is an incredible character that constantly questions the rest of the group and has no issues in pointing out someone’s flaws, like the fact Star-Lord likes to imitate Thor to appear more manly.

The fact he is such a beast makes him funnier also, simply because you don’t expect it. But whether he is standing so still he believes he’s invisible or making some amazing one-liners, Drax is undoubtedly the funniest member of the group.

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