D&D Alignments Of Main Characters

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

American Horror Story is by far the most prominent horror show that you probably heard of. With its variety in seasons that takes topics from mental hospitals to witch covens, it keeps attracting more and more viewers with its creativity and uniqueness.

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One of its most unusual seasons has to be Roanoke as it tells the story of a show shot in a mockumentary style while its characters are very different.

10 Monet Tumusiime: Chaotic Neutral

Monet Tumusiime is the actress who played Lee Harris in “My Roanoke Nightmare”. There is not much known about her except that she became an alcoholic only after filming the show and blamed Lee for being the reason for her addiction.

Monet is a Chaotic Neutral character who is very close to the True Neutral alignment. Even though she doesn’t do any actual good or evil, Monet claims another person for her alcoholism rather than herself. She also does whatever she feels like doing, but shows some signs of compassion here and there.

9 Sidney Aaron James: Lawful Evil

Both “My Roanoke Nightmare” and “Return to Roanoke” were Sidney Aaron James’ creations. Sidney is extremely hardworking but only because he wants to get the show going and receive all the money and fame for it. He is an experienced screenwriter who also knows a thing or two about business.

Sidney is a Lawful Evil character. His morals are unclear, but his actions and his temper are definitely horrible. He is out for himself and will do whatever he needs to do to achieve whatever he wants to get. This ultimately kills him.

8 Rory Monahan: Chaotic Good

Another actor playing a character in “My Roanoke Horror”, Rory Monahan portrayed Edward Philippe Mott. During the production of the first season of the show, Rory falls in love with his co-star Audrey Tindall who he eventually marries. Nevertheless, their happy days end once they are invited for the second season.

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Rory is a Chaotic Good character. He does whatever he feels like doing without any regard for what society thinks (after all, he married a woman much older than him). Rory loves his wife and gets very excited when he learns of improvement in his career.

7 Dylan: Lawful Good

Dylan is the actor who portrayed two characters in “My Roanoke Nightmare”: Ambrose White and Piggy Man. Unlike other actors on the show, Dylan had a life completely unrelated to acting. He was a part of SEAL Team Six and served in Afghanistan.

Dylan is a Lawful Good character. He always viewed both acting and serving in the army very seriously. Dylan does whatever he is told to do, but he will also try and save or protect people because he believes that he is capable of doing it due to his experience as a soldier.

6 William van Henderson: True Neutral

William van Henderson, who portrayed Elias Cunningham in “My Roanoke Nightmare”, is one of the few who survived his stay at Roanoke. There is not much known about his life before the show, but the reason why he stayed alive is that he declined the offer to come back for the sequel.

William is probably a True Neutral character, but we don’t know enough about him to say for sure. He is definitely a happier man than Elias (the character he portrayed) and he is smart too having declined an offer that could cost him his life.

5 Matt Miller: Lawful Neutral

Matt Miller is one of the characters in “My Roanoke Nightmare”. He is portrayed by Dominic Banks. Matt is married to Shelby who he met at a yoga class (that he never went to again because he pulled a muscle.

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Matt is a Lawful Neutral character. He is a very rational and skeptical man, and this common sense makes him vary scared when he encounters things he can’t explain. He likes adventures, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be terrified sometimes.

4 Shelby Miller: Neutral Good

Shelby Miller is one of the characters in “My Roanoke Nightmare” who is portrayed by Audrey Tindall. Shelby is Matt’s wife, but she was traumatized by her miscarriage and her husband being on the brink of death prior to that.

Shelby is a True Neutral character. She loves her husband dearly but doesn’t feel any kind of urge to do good or bad things. She simply does what feels right in a particular situation.

3 Dominic Banks: Neutral Evil

Dominic Banks portrayed Matt Miller in “My Roanoke Nightmare”. He was an unknown actor prior to the show, but a very dedicated one and willing to do almost anything to get famous. He also dated Shelby in-between the first and second seasons of the show.

Dominic is a Neutral Evil character. He seems to be a good person, but he is actually very twisted beneath the surface. He wants to get back on the show to win back Shelby. He also risks his life just for the fame, and it seems like he is willing to toy around with Shelby just for the drama it could stir.

2 Audrey Tindall: True Neutral

Audrey Tindall portrayed Shelby Miller in “My Roanoke Nightmare”. Audrey fell in love with and married her co-star Rory Monahan. Their happy marriage, however, was worsened and ended by the second season of the show.

Audrey is a True Neutral character. She is quite skeptical about Matt and Shelby’s story and goes as far as to make questionable comments about it. She is also obsessed with her age and looks probably because of the age difference she has with her husband.

1 Agnes Mary Winstead: Chaotic Evil

Agnes Mary Winstead portrayed the Butcher in “My Roanoke Nightmare”. Agnes is most notable for becoming obsessed with her role and eventually being diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. After attacking tourists on the streets of Hollywood, she was sent to a clinic.

Agnes is a Chaotic Evil character. Even though she might have been normal before, she takes on the traits of her evil character with time. Nevertheless, Agnes regrets killing a woman who had a baby because Agnes believes that taking a mother from a child is one of the worst things you could do.

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