Custom Baby Yoda Toys Are Sweeping the Internet

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019


Baby Yoda. The Child. The pure, puppeted symbol of all that is good in the world from Disney+’s The Mandalorian. What else can be said about this creature, this wholesome inducer of “awws,” this inspirer of masked bounty hunters, my literal biological son whom I will fight anyone to protect? He’s the dang best. And he’s such “the dang best” that he inspired his many fans to craft customized versions out of crocheting material, paper, 3D printers, and anything else his fans could get their hands on. Thanks to Reddit, we can see them all in all their glory.


Image via Disney+

You see, the history of official Baby Yoda merchandise from Disney, while brief, is already controversial. They didn’t have anything officially available when The Mandalorian first dropped onto Disney+. Then, when it was clear how much love The Child inspired from the public, they (hastily?) dropped a bunch of random shirts, phone cases, and mugs all with the same basic concept art. It was… not great. Now, there are official plushes and Funko Pop toys available to pre-order, but they certainly won’t be ready by Christmas. So, my personal bounty hunting mask goes off for these fans who decided to make their own, lovingly bootlegged versions of The Child — and Disney lawyers, if you’re reading, maybe try not to go after them, please and thank you.

Below, check out some of our favorite custom-made Baby Yoda creations. And if you’re looking to get some official Disney The Child merch, check out what’s available right now and what you have to wait until spring 2020 to get.

A crocheted Baby Yoda from pics

I made a teeny tiny paper baby Yoda. Have a great day from pics

Baby Yoda my sister made. It’s her first stuffed animal. from pics

Handmade Baby Yoda plush my fiancée made for me! from pics

3D printed Baby Yoda tree topper from Star Wars Gamers! from pics

In my family, we always try give some kind of homemade gift for Christmas, this year I made my hubby a baby Yoda. from pics

Baby yoda from pics