Black Widow Movie’s Red Guardian Is Goofy (& That’s Why It’s Great)

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Scarlett Johansson is back in her iconic (and seemingly upgraded) super suit, but Black Widow’s old friend Red Guardian doesn’t look quite as cool. Natasha Romanov, aka S.H.I.E.L.D’s best spy, may have literally fallen to her death in Avengers: Endgame, but that doesn’t mean her story isn’t worth telling. In fact, quite the opposite, judging by the epic Black Widow movie trailer that just dropped. In it, everyone’s favourite super spy is seen grappling with her dark past, which, as the trailer’s voice over tells viewers, she is done running from.

It also offers a first look at Yelena Belova, Red Guardian and the suspiciously named Melina, whose character has been at the center of many an interesting fan theory. Marvel has kept plot details under tight wraps for this one, which is why fans have been so hyped for the Black Widow movie trailer. And it delivers, especially when it comes to Red Guardian, who happens to be a big old goofball – as well as a Russia’s answer to Captain America.

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Played by David Harbour (Chief Hopper in Stranger Things), Alexei Shostakov first appeared in 1967’s The Avengers #43 comic as Natasha’s supposedly dead husband turned Russian super soldier. He ended up sacrificing himself to save Captain America, before reappearing as a villain in the 2010 miniseries Widowmaker. The Black Widow movie trailer doesn’t clarify which of these versions (if any) he’ll be, but it does give a sense of his playful personality and slightly too-tight costume, and it already has all the hallmarks of a Marvel favorite.

Red Guardian

Grumps with a heart of gold roles suit David Harbour like the Infinity Gauntlet suits Thanos. The trailer only confirms this, portraying Red Guardian as a big softie, albeit one you wouldn’t want to face in a fight.

The Black Widow movie trailer reveals Red Guardian has been out of action for a while. A series of jump cuts show him sliding into his costume before strutting out of the bathroom and declaring “It fits” to three very unimpressed Black Widows. He is also ecstatic at the family being “back together”. If Natasha and Yelena‘s murderous reunion is anything to go by, said “family” is dysfunctional at best. There’s definitely some Fat Thor vibes going on, too, especially when Melina teases him for his weight gain.

Marvel has always been great at balancing hard-hitting storylines with humour. The Black Widow movie will no doubt touch on some pretty hardcore themes, considering what’s already been revealed about Natasha’s tumultuous past. It looks like Alexei Shostakov will offset that with some classic black red humour, while still kicking ass, of course.

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