Bachelor Alum Liz Sandoz Suffered ‘Chemical Pregnancy’ Miscarriage

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Star of The Bachelor Liz Sandoz opened up about her miscarriage during a recent episode of her podcast, Miraculous Mamas. Talking with her husband, Vito Presta, Sandoz recounted the traumatic event in an effort to be open and honest with listeners about their experience.

Sandoz first appeared on Nick Viall‘s season of The Bachelor. Her appearance was a surprise to Viall, who had already met her at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert’s wedding before his season began. Their prior relationship was the source of controversy, both for the women and for Nick. While the women felt like Sandoz had a leg up in the competition, Viall questioned her intentions, since she showed no interest in connecting with him after the night they spent together. Although Sandoz affirmed again and again that she was there for the right reasons, Viall sent her home. Since then, Sandoz stayed off the television screen, eventually meeting her husband and falling in love almost immediately. The pair tied the knot last February in an outdoor ceremony in Montana.

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In a conversation on her podcast (via Us Weekly), Sandoz shared the emotional details of her miscarriage. She stated that she knew something was wrong with her pregnancy right before the miscarriage happened. When she went to the doctor to ask about spotting, her visit was interrupted by severe cramps that sent her to the ER. “It was something I had never felt in my life,” the Bachelor alum said. “I went to the E.R. and had to do an ultra-sound and blood work again and then it was just a miserable day.” Through the traumatic experience, Sandoz confirmed she had a chemical pregnancy, a blow that deeply hurt the expectant parents. Sandoz went on to explain her exact feelings about the situation, saying “I feel at peace about it, but when I do talk about it I get really emotional ‘cause I’ve never been pregnant before. And then I feel stupid for crying because it was a chemical pregnancy, it’s like nothing was ever really there. Which I know is ridiculous.”

Liz Sandoz Talking to Nick Viall On The Bachelor

Sandoz’s husband, Presta also opened up about how the miscarriage affected him. While Sandoz explained that the loss of her pregnancy still brought tears to her eyes, Presta stated that he wanted to be her emotional rock, even though the miscarriage brought up many fears for him. The couple also explained that they still want children, and they’re going to keep trying to conceive. “Life’s gonna kick us down, life’s gonna kick everybody down,” Presta said. “You just gotta get back up and fight back. Just keep getting up, keep getting up.

Although the couple obviously dealt with a devastating loss, it only seemed to strengthen their bond. While conception struggles have the potential to tear couples apart, Sandoz and Presta continually affirmed their love for one another throughout the course of their discussion. Their appreciation for each other is obvious, and their desire to move forward together and continue trying to grow their family is a silver lining in an otherwise terrible situation.

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Source: Us Weekly

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