Avengers Almost Had A Creepy AT-AT Made of Giant Ants in Endgame

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The final battle scene of Avengers: Endgame almost had an epic AT-AT made up of giant ants. Endgame, which broke box office records, was the follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War, where the villain Thanos wiped out half of the universe’s population, including many of the superheroes that were members of the Avengers team. In Endgame, the Avengers attempted to pick up their lives and what remained of the universe to come together and figure out a way to fix the damage wrought by the Mad Titan.

At the end of Endgame, the Avengers eventually restore the universe, but they must fight an epic battle to destroy Thanos once and for all. That battle included some memorable moments, including a series of portals opening that brought back the heroes who died in Infinity War and an emotional reunion between Iron Man and Spider-Man. Then there was epic fighting, which included Captain America wielding Mjolnir and a giant Ant-Man brutally flattening enemies that got in his way.

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Although that battle scene was one of the most ambitious in modern film history, it almost included one more epic detail. Concept artist Jackson Sze shared some artwork on Twitter showing off a creepy AT-AT-inspired vehicle made entirely of gigantic ants with wood armor from Groot and weapon support by Rocket Raccoon and Doctor Strange.

In Star Wars, the AT-AT is the terrifying All Terrain Armored Transport, a four-legged combat walker employed by the Galactic Empire, and later, the First Order. Its presence demonstrated the military might of those organizations, especially as it is capable of mowing down anything that gets in its way. Equipped with powerful laser cannons, its presence in battle brings fear to the heart of enemies. Imagine Thanos and his minions facing down an Avengers-inspired version of the AT-AT, made of ants.

For whatever reason, Endgame decided not to use the giant ANT-ANT, but it didn’t change the impact of the final battle scene in Avengers: Endgame. Not only did that battle keep fans on the edge of their seats, it also surprised them with the death of Iron Man, the character who launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, that battle scene is the result of reshoots, with other ideas ultimately getting cut, including a massive aerial battle. Although the giant ant AT-AT would have been an exciting thing to see, most fans would probably agree the Endgame final battle scene is perfect as it is.

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Source: Jackson Sze/Twitter

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