5 Reasons She-Hulk Is Better Than Hulk (& 5 Reasons Hulk Is The Best)

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the coolest of the green cousins? It’s She-Hulk. No, it’s Hulk. The debate about Jennifer Walters and Bruce Banner can go on forever. The two are not-so-normal humans who tend to morph into huge green superheroes in order to save the earth, or sometimes destroy it.

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Whereas Bruce became the Hulk after being exposed to gamma radiation, Jennifer became She-Hulk after Bruce gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. Jennifer had lost a lot of blood after getting shot and there were no other matching donors.

And even though Hulk has received more screen time, She-Hulk has been phenomenal in the comics. But who really is better between the two? Who would you rather have on your team?

10 She-Hulk: She Can Fly Planes And Spaceships

Aye Aye Captain Jeniffer! Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. We are about to experience a bit of turbulence due to She-Hulk’s sneezing. Atchuuuuu!!!

While Hulk can’t even drive because he won’t fit in a car, She-Hulk can fly a plane. Instead of jumping around all the time like her cousin, She-Hulk has been able to fly planes in a couple of the Fantastic Four and Avengers comics. Walters was also a stunt pilot in the TV show Hulk And The Agents of S.M.A.S.H.  To top that, she flew a 1995 Dodge in outer space. The Guardians Of The Galaxy would find her useful.

9 Hulk: He Helped Defeat Thanos…Duh

At the top of Hulk’s CV is this feat right here. Anyone looking to hire him doesn’t even need to look at anything else he has done. He was part of the Avengers team that helped save the world from extinction and that’s good enough.’

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It was Professor Hulk, not Angry Hulk, who helped figure out the time travel puzzle in Avengers Endgame. Bruce Banner and Angry Hulk came up with a power-sharing agreement and the result was a Professor Hulk who took selfies with fans and figured out Quantum Mechanics. He also helped to test the new infinity gauntlet that Tony had created. This paved the way for the defeat of Thanos

Over to you She-Hulk. How can you top that?

8 She-Hulk: She Is Strong In Both Forms

She-Hulk Marvel Comic Cover

Bruce Banner usually isn’t able to put up much of a fight when the color of his skin isn’t green. Your small brother can beat up Bruce Banner if he tried. However, when She-Hulk morphs back into Jennifer, she is still a skilled martial artist. Call her Jenn Wick if you’d like.

According to the comics, she received her martial arts training from Captain America and Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy. With a mixture of Kung Fu expertise and superhuman strength, she’s better suited to deal with bad guys at any given time.

7 Hulk: He Is Immortal

Immortal Hulk

How does it feel to live forever? It’s kinda lonely as Hulk found out but it’s still cool. The comics have explained that in the future, Hulk manages to outlive every superhero.

In 1992’s Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect, the Hulk of Earth-9200 travels to the future where the villain Maestro rules over the last few remaining earthlings. All of the earth’s heroes are dead and Hulk learns that he’s actually the one who will become Maestro.

In 2002’s Incredible Hulk: The End we learn that all of humanity is actually dead and Hulk is the only living human or superhuman. His only company is a swarm of flying cockroaches that won’t give him peace. We can guess there’s no insecticide in the future. Poor Hulk! Stay strong Green Man.

6 She-Hulk: She Is A Very Competent Scholar And Professional

Hulk 1 Jennifer Walters at the office Marvel

Better Call Saul? No! You better call Jennifer. She’ll keep you out of jail. While Hulk is a genius too, his brains have never proved to be as useful as his strengths. She-Hulk, on the other hand, attended UCLA School of Law where she graduated top of her class. She also earned her Junior Doctor Degree at the same institution before getting her Masters degree at Harvard Law School.

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As the professional lawyer Jeniffer Walters, she has won several high profile cases in court. She successfully defended a new superhero whose superpowers were affecting his family negatively. Jennifer later also defended Peter Parker in the Spiderman vs JJ Jameson case in which Peter sought $300 million dollars in damages JJ’s illegal use of the Spiderman name. To add to all the achievements, Jennifer also runs her own law firm.

5 Hulk: Too Damn Strong

Hulk and Abomination in The Incredible Hulk

Maximum strength is essential in superheroes. There have always been arguments about who between Bruce and Jennifer is stronger but one incident made it all clear.

In Secret Wars #4, Hulk managed to lift a 150 billion ton mountain that had dropped on top of him and his fellow heroes. Despite the fact that She-Hulk has the stamina that can able her to perform rigorous tasks for two days without getting tired, she became completely exhausted when she tried to lift a fraction of the same mountain.

4 She-Hulk: Better Muscle And Bone Mass Structure

Whereas Hulk tends to bulge up to the extremes like a Goliath who has just spotted David, She-Hulk’s body only increases in size to a limited extent. Her condensed muscle and bone mass make her fit in tight spaces better. She also has better reflexes and agility than Bruce because of her slimmer body.

Even though she weighs way more than a normal human being, she isn’t as conspicuous as the Hulk. She can easily wear a suit without turning it into tiny pieces of clothing. This means she has a lower budget for clothes than her cousin.

3 Hulk: He Held Together A Planet That Was Breaking Apart

You have to wonder why Hulk is called Bruce Banner instead of Samson Banner. Imagine if the earth was breaking apart, threatening to either become two separate planets or go obsolete. Who would save us from such a scenario? Hulk would.

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In The Incredible Hulk vol. 2, issue number 102, Hulk held a planet that was tearing apart. This planet was 50 times larger than earth and also weighed 100 times more. He did this with his bare hands and forced the planet back together.

2 She-Hulk: She Can Tell What Comic Book Readers And Writers Are Thinking


This has to be the most ridiculous yet still the coolest of She’Hulk’s abilities. What if I told you that She-Hulk knows what you are thinking right now? That’s right. She does. Well, at least according to the writers at Marvel Comics.

Jennifer is said to possess the ability to break the Fourth Wall. This is the barrier that exists between the comic book characters and comic book readers. She is able to know what the writers and readers are thinking. Do you happen to think she sucks? She might just pop out of the Marvel issue that you’re currently reading and ask you to say it to her face if you think are bold enough. She also knows that she is a fictional comic book character. At one point, she complained to an editor, saying she had been portrayed negatively in a previous issue.

It gets even better. She-Hulk is able to jump through pages in order to complete a mission quickly. In one issue, she jumped through advertisements because they were wasting her time.

Let all that sink in.

1 Hulk: He Can Punch Time

It’s crazy. Blame Marvel writers again for being too creative. I wonder why She-Hulk didn’t feel a little jealous and complain when they gave her cousin this ability.

So how exactly does a superhero punch time? In The Incredible Hulk #135, supervillain Kang the Conqueror is unable to go back in time to defeat the Avengers. He decides to recruit a rogue Hulk and promises him that he will rid him of Bruce Banner so that they stop fighting over the body. So Hulk jumps into the time stream and punches time with so much force that he finds himself in the past. Wow!

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