5 Characters We’ll Miss When the Show Ends (And 5 Who We Won’t)

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

Throughout its many seasons of the popular drama Supernatural, we have been introduced to characters we loved and characters we were happy to see their end. Currently, we are missing several characters from previous seasons like Bobby and Charlie.

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Season 14 ended with two fatal blows: the death of Mary and the death of Jack. Season 15 hasn’t been much better with one of our favorite witches sacrificing herself to save others (unusual for her). But out of the characters that are still alive in Season 15, who will miss, and who won’t we?

10 Miss: Jody

Jody Mills Supernatural

From reluctant ally to faithful friend, Jody’s character arc has developed over time. We saw Jody experience intense loss when her resurrected young son turns zombie and kills her husband. This event caused Jody to know about the supernatural, but also to become a little jaded. Still, she found a way to open her heart to young women who needed a secure home and family love.

Additionally, Jody cares about Sam and Dean. When Dean isn’t doing well, Jody can tell. She is the maternal connection that they often lack. Even with Mary resurrected, Jody still nurtures them and is there for them whenever they need it.

9 Won’t Miss: Alternate World Bobby and Charlie

Although we haven’t seen Alternate World Bobby and Charlie in a while, we know that they are still alive. While they aren’t villains and have lived hard lives, they just don’t compare to the original Bobby and Charlie. They don’t share a deep connection with Sam and Dean. Additionally, they don’t have the spark of the originals, proving that the original Bobby and Charlie can never be replaced.

8 Miss: Donna

Donna of the endless smiles is both perky and extremely capable. People often underestimate Donna’s strength and intelligence due to her sunny demeanor. However, the more Sam, Dean, and Jody get to know Donna, the more they understand what a truly amazing person, cop, and hunter she is.

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When her niece is kidnapped in Season 13, she doesn’t give up. That you betcha attitude steers Donna through challenging moments, and ultimately, she comes out ahead. In a show that can be so dark, having Donna’s sunny and positive personality gave us needed light.

7 Won’t Miss: Adam

Jake Abel as Adam Winchester in Supernatural

Okay, we do feel bad that Adam has been stuck in Lucifer’s cage all these seasons, and we do feel that leaving him there wasn’t good. Sam and Dean, normally very loyal to family and friends, left him there. While it could be said that they didn’t have the tools to get him out, both did develop tools throughout the seasons which could have led to his release. When he does get out, we forecast that he’ll be angry.

However, we never really got to know Adam, and that is precisely the reason why he won’t be missed. He isn’t really part of Sam and Dean’s narrative, but he does represent a conundrum that could be interesting in Season 15.

6 Miss: Cas

From his trench-coat to his funny one-liners to his undying loyalty to the Winchesters, Cas has grown on us. Although Cas has gone through many phrases and was once a villain, Cas does try his best. Everything that he does is to help Sam and Dean, the world, and humanity. Kelly Kline recognized that trait in him when she asked him to raise her son, Jack. If Cas raised him, Jack would be safe and turn out good. Kelly was smart in recognizing this.

Even when Cas tries to take a vacation in Season 15 after a fight with Dean, he can’t stop himself from healing and helping people. That’s who he is. And that’s exactly why we will miss him.

5 Won’t Miss: Amara

Emily Swallow as Amara in Supernatural

Amara may be the ace in the hole against Chuck/God for the Winchester brothers. We know that she’s adapted better now and doesn’t wish to destroy the world. Also, we know that she’s irritated with Chuck/God. While Amara can be useful and isn’t the typical villain, but aside from her fascination with Dean (which we totally get), we couldn’t connect with her.

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However, that could change in Season 15, since she has acclimated. Still, it’s hard to connect to a goddess, especially one that eats souls for nourishment.

4 Miss: Garth

DJ Qualls as Garth in Supernatural

What is not to love about Garth? Kind, Garth may not be the best hunter (and he’s not), but Garth is a great person. He’s able to address his feelings, adjust his life for his werewolf love (becoming one for her), and still support the Winchester brothers when they need it.

Garth is the man of infinite hugs, and sometimes, even when characters like Dean resist, they still really need that human contact.

3 Won’t Miss: Michael

Supernatural Sam and Michael as Adam

Archangel Michael is still inside Adam. While we felt charmed by Lucifer at times, especially the actor Mark Pellegrino’s joyful portrayal of him, Michael seemed dull and almost a dud. Alternate universe Michael was truly frightening, and we’re glad that he’s gone.

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If he is any clue as to what the original Michael could become, then we wouldn’t care much for that Michael either.

2 Miss: Dean and Sam

Sam and Dean Supernatural

Of course, we can’t separate the Winchester brothers as to rank who we would miss more because we’ll miss both equally. Sam is the intellectual, who can see the shades of gray. He has grown throughout the seasons, developing even greater empathy and less ego. Sam cares about his friends, family, and humanity. When he figures out Rowena’s spell and is able to bring Eileen back in a corporeal body, he’s touched to tears–finally something right happened in Season 15. He saved and brought back a friend who had been dragged to hell by a hell hound, when she’d been meant for heaven.

Dean may be the harder brother in some ways, but he’s the one with the greater sense of humor and deep loyalty. Many times, Dean sacrificed himself for those he loves, especially Sam. Additionally, many characters develop closer bonds and friendship with Dean. Even the King of Hell considers his relationship with Dean a special friendship. Dean works hard, cares hard, and plays hard. He throws himself in anything, completely, and when friends reach out to him, he will do anything to help them.

Moreover, this series would have ended a long time ago if it weren’t for this special brother duo. They are the heart of the show, the core.

1 Won’t Miss: Chuck/God

Proving to be the big villain this season, Chuck/God comes across as a tyrant or worse yet, a bratty kid who only cares about getting his way. Whatever sympathy we may have had for him disappeared when he: 1.) tried to get Dean to kill Jack; 2.) then killed Jack himself; 3.) then went to Becky for help only to make her family and her completely disappear so that he could use her house for his lair.

At this point, he feels beyond redemption. Chuck of earlier seasons was awkward and charming. Chuck of the current season is someone we won’t miss and are hoping the series will end in his demise. If Death (Billie) has anything to say about it, Chuck might very well be reaped in the end. Because as the original Death once said to Dean about God, “At the end, I’ll reap him, too. . .God will die, too, Dean.” This would make the Season 15 finale one to remember.

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