10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tiny Homes

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

The hit series Tiny House Nation started streaming on Netflix in 2019 and has people all over the world wishing that they could build or buy a tiny home of their own. Seeing the tiny homes that are built for the people on this show is just too much fun and it makes a lot of us think about what it would be like to own a tiny home of our own.

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But, although downsizing and living in an adorable tiny home like the ones shown on Tiny House Nation may be something that appeals to a huge number of people, it’s definitely not something that everyone is cut out for. There are a lot of things (both positive and negative!) that many people don’t know about living in a tiny home.

To see 10 things you didn’t know about tiny homes, keep reading!

10 They Can Be Affordable, But They’re Not Cheap

There are quite a few people that look into getting a tiny home so that they can save some cash. For instance, one of the first episodes of Tiny House Nation on Netflix follows a couple parents that are looking to downsize in order to help save some cash to send one of their children to college.

While they can definitely be affordable and a way for people to save money, tiny homes aren’t necessarily cheap. They’re small on size, but the pricetag that you’re going to have to pay to move into one can still be somewhat high. Tiny houses can run anywhere from $15,000 to $35,000 to build yourself. Looking to simply buy one already built? That number might be at least doubled or even more.

9 And There Can Be Surprise Expenses

Although a tiny home may be a little more expensive than some people expect them to be, they’re still quite a bit less expensive than a normal-sized house in many places. Plus, the price is definitely worth it for some people that dream of living in an adorable tiny home.

But, the upfront cost might not be the only time that you have to pay up. This is definitely not something that Tiny House Nation touches on, but there are extra expenses that come with owning and living in a tiny home. Zoning laws and homeowner’s insurance can get complicated and pricy. And if you’re looking to sell it later on? It might be tough to find a buyer.

8 They’re Not Ideal For Families

One thing you’ve probably noticed if you’ve watched a lot of Tiny House Nation is the fact that a lot of people on the show that are getting tiny homes are single people or couples. There aren’t a lot of big families moving into them and there’s a very good reason for that fact.

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If you’ve got a family or you’re looking to start one, then a tiny home may not be for you. Although the people on Tiny House Nation are excited to move into their tiny home, the show often touches on the fact that the houses are, well, tiny. Because of this, they’re best suited to a single person or a couple without kids living at home with them.

7 They Can Help You Travel More

A lot of the focus of the houses in Tiny House Nation is the fact that they’re so small. While that’s definitely something that people who want to move into a tiny home need to think about, a lot of the reason that people think about the fact that the houses are so small is because of how difficult it can be to fit everything into the house.

But, along with downsizing your belongings and the space you’re going to be living in, many of the time homes that people build and buy are completely mobile. This means that the person living in it can, if they want to, hitch it onto a truck and travel somewhere new with their entire house.

6 You’ll Always Have People Asking About It

Whether you choose to travel with your tiny home or you decide to park it permanently, one thing that a lot of people don’t think about when they choose to go tiny is the fact that people are going to constantly be asking about it. There’s a reason that shows like Tiny House Nation have become so popular!

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Tiny homes are hugely trendy right now and they definitely draw in a lot of attention from others. If you’re traveling in your tiny home or you’re just having friends come visit it where you’ve got it parked, you’re always going to have people asking questions about your tiny house.

5 You’re Going To Spend A Lot Of Time Tidying

Because tiny homes are so small, people who live in them definitely have to use their space as efficiently as possible. Every inch of storage space and floor space has to be maximized so that you can fit all the essentials into your tiny home without taking up too much space or making it too cluttered.

Because of this, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time tidying up. In a normal sized house, things can be left out and not put away without really being noticed. But since there’s not a lot of space in a tiny home, every little thing that winds up out of place becomes a big problem.

4 Entertaining Isn’t Easy

Having friends come over so you can binge a new show on Netflix or enjoy a delicious meal together is a ton of fun. But, if you’re someone that’s thinking about moving into a tiny home, you might find that it’s not so easy to have friends come over and hang out.

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The idea of having enough space for friends and family to come over is one thing that many episodes of Tiny House Nation touch on. While a lot of tiny house owners have really creative ways to make more space for seating, it can still be a major challenge to entertain groups of friends and family.

3 It Can Give You More Time For What’s Important

When people (both on and off Tiny House Nation) decide to move into a tiny home, they’ve got their own reasons for making the decision. Some people want the freedom to be able to travel more while other people want to downsize and simplify their life, among other reasons.

Many people find that after they move into a tiny house, it gives them more time to focus on the more important parts of their life. Instead of having to take care of a large house and yard, the compact space gives people more time to focus on what’s important to them.

2 You May Have To Weigh It Regularly

If you’re planning to travel with your tiny home, as many people on Tiny House Nation say they are, then it’s not as easy as simply hitching your house up to a truck and heading out on the road.

Many tiny houses are built with special features that make it easier for the owner to travel with it and make it safe to head down the highway with it on a trailer. Different countries and different states in the US have restrictions on how heavy a load can be and those apply to a tiny house. Although there’s not a limit in every state for how heavy it can be, you may be required to stop at a weigh station to weigh your tiny house before you cross the border into another state.

1 Parking Spaces Aren’t Always Easy

Depending on the state you’re in, your tiny house may or may not be classified as an RV. This is great because it means that a lot of RV parks will allow you to park there and stay a while!

But, parking spaces – especially permanent ones – aren’t easy to find everywhere. If you’re looking to travel, you need to do some research about where you’re going to be parking. And if you want to settle down permanently, getting zoning permits gets complicated.

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