10 Scenes That Never Fail To Pull On Our Heartstrings

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

For twelve years, fans have been on quite a journey. Who knew that when the show first started, Modern Family would become more than a comedy. Even though most episodes are full of humor and comedy, there were times when the writers decided to tackle more serious topics.

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There have also been many emotional scenes that have never failed in pulling at the audience’s heartstrings. From moments such as Alex’s breakdown to the happier occasions, here are the 10 scenes that will not fail in making viewers cry.

10 Claire worries about losing her kids

When fans were first introduced to Claire, it was easy to see that she was similar to her dad. Claire could be cold-hearted and emotional distant around others. However, when it comes to her kids, she wears her heart on her sleeve.

This is mostly seen in the episode “See You Next Fall”, when Claire appears to be on edge. She soon reveals to Phil that she is worried Alex is going to change when she goes to high school will lose her. Claire also confesses that she feels like Haley hates her because they are not as close as they used to be. Although it is not true, it’s one of the most relatable issues many parents and guardians have worried about when raising a teenager.

9 Nana Dunphy’s funeral

Who knew that a character we have never seen before could have such an emotional impact? For seasons, fans have heard wonderful things about Phil’s mother, Grace. However, in the episode “Goodnight Gracie”, fans found out that she had died and had bequeathed several items to her family.

Her message to Alex is the most heartwarming as she advises Alex to live with spontaneity and break the rules once in a while. The note also reveals the cutest love story between Grace and Frank (her grandfather) and how they met. In tribute to her and Frank’s story, Alex organized a firework display on the pier.

8 Haley tries to stop Andy’s proposal

The will-they-won’t-they between Andy and Haley was one romance that kept audiences on the edge of their seats. It proved to be a huge success with fans, who loved that Andy was able to make Haley more responsible and she made him less uptight. However, the two weren’t together for a long time as Andy had a girlfriend.

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This all came to a head when Andy confessed to Phil that he was torn between two women and was confused about whether he should propose. When Haley realized Andy was in love with her, she and Claire rushed off to try and stop the proposal. However, by the time Haley reached the beach, she was too late and witnessed the proposal unfold.

7 Alex has no friends

When the fans were introduced to Alex, they could tell she was the complete opposite of her sister. Where Haley cared about her reputation, Alex was more academically inclined, which made her an easy target for bullies. Often, the audience is led to believe that she doesn’t care that she is not popular – until “Strangers on a Treadmill” proved otherwise.

Throughout this episode, Haley tries to help Alex with her reputation when she hears that Alex has been talking to the most popular girl in school. However, Alex messes it up by maintaining her nerdy persona. You can’t help but feel sorry for Alex when Claire and Phil find her crying in the living room over the situation.

6 Jay takes Manny to Disneyland

When Modern Family first started, Jay and Manny didn’t get along. Jay struggled to bond with the young kid as Manny was seen to idolize his father. However, Jay was seen to extend the olive branch in “The Bicycle Thief” when Javier failed to turn up for Manny.

Manny was seen to be excited that his father was coming to see him, so Jay decided not to tell him that Javier canceled. Instead, Jay canceled his weekend plans with Gloria and orders a limo to take Manny to Disney. It’s one of the sweetest gestures in the show as Jay allows Javier to take credit for the arrangement to avoid disappointing Manny.

5 Alex’s breakdown

In the episode “Under Pressure”, the audience gets to learn more about the pressures and struggles Alex faces. When it comes to the Dunphys, Alex seems to be the one who looks kept together. She has direction and keeps on top of her academic studies, which is why she is often overlooked by her parents.

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However, Alex arranges an appointment with a therapist after she has a breakdown during her Sweet 16th party. Here, she reveals how isolated and alone she feels because her family doesn’t seem to “get her”. If that wasn’t the most heartbreaking admission ever, the writers strike a cord in the fans’ hearts when Alex hugs Claire after Claire wonders how she doesn’t have a breakdown every day.

4 Haley’s phone call to her parents

Haley’s phone call goodbye to her parents is one of the most touching moments in the show. Usually, Haley is portrayed to be a confident and popular teenager, who didn’t let anything get to her. However, “Schooled” allowed the audience to see another side to the eldest Dunphy when she left for college.

At the end of the episode, fans see how vulnerable and overwhelmed Haley is by the new environment. Before Haley calls her parents to tell them she appreciates their support, the scene showed her eating alone in the cafeteria as she tries to adapt. It’s one of the most relatable scenes as it proves that anyone can struggle with change.

3 Haley worries Alex won’t keep in touch

Haley and Alex’s bond has to be one of the best familial relationships on TV. The way they bicker over clothes or get each other into trouble would strike a chord with anyone who grew up with siblings. Yet, no matter how annoyed they got, they always had each other’s backs.

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There had been many touching moments between the Dunphy sisters, but one of the most memorable occurred in “Crying Out Loud”. In this episode, Haley admits that she is worried Alex wouldn’t stay in contact with her once she went to college. Alex is quick to reassure her that they will always be close.

2 Mitch and Cam’s proposal

Mitch and Cam’s proposal had to be one of the sweetest scenes. In the episode “Suddenly, Last Summer”, Mitch and Cam both plan the perfect proposal after it was announced that they were able to get married. After realizing what the other was up to, both Mitch and Cam then end up sabotaging each other’s proposals.

However, the actual proposal was more perfect than any of the ideas they came up with. When Mitchell and Cam find themselves with a flat tire, they both reminisce about their favorite moments of their relationship. As they are trying to change their tire, Cam and Mitch realize they are both on one knee and say “yes”. It’s simple but endearing.

1 Jay staying in a loveless marriage

Everybody knows that Jay is a closed-off individual who does not like to show his emotions. There have been many instances where Jay had denied crying or admitted to suppressing his emotions because he worries he would be viewed as weak.

However, he had no issues admitting to his feelings in”Disneyland”. Near the end of the episode, Jay admits to the audience that he was going to leave DeDe but changed his mind after visiting the “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln” show. He says that he got emotional after he realized his children’s happiness was more important than his own and decided to stick it out. It’s made fans realize how much he loves being a father.

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