10 Godzilla Memes that Are too Hilarious for Words

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

It’s safe to say that Godzilla doesn’t need an intro. His presence in pop culture is so big, both figuratively and literally, that even people who’ve never seen a Godzilla movie know who he is. The specter of Godzilla rising out of the ocean to destroy Tokyo is ingrained in our collective memory, and pretty much every giant monster movie made in the last sixty years can trace their roots back to the big, building-crushing machine himself.

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It’s no wonder that Godzilla has become the subject of countless memes over the years, some of which would give the big guy himself atomic chuckles. Here are 10 examples of memes that are too funny for words.

10 Just give him a cookie and maybe he’ll go away

This one isn’t so much a meme as it’s a piece of fan art that spiraled out of control and became a cursed image. Honestly, we like the combination of Shin Godzilla’s body with Cookie Monster’s eyes and maw.

If anything, it kind of looks better than the snaggletooth monstrosity that was 2016’s G. Call us crazy, but Shin Godzilla was ugly (not that it’s a beauty contest, but still). At least this one would’ve been easier to defeat; just give him a tanker-full of cookies and maybe he’ll bug off for a few decades.

9 M’Mothra

Elf on the Shelf memes are like dad jokes. Sometimes they’re funny, other times they make people want to smack the nearest person. This one’s pretty good, in our opinion, if only because we like the idea of Ghidorah the three-headed neckbeard.

What’s scarier than a giant, thirsty-as-hell dragon with three, socially awkward heads? We bet he hits Mothra constantly, then destroys the nearest city when she turns him down. Because all giant moths are selfish and nice kaijus finish last.

8 Wait, how did you do that?

This is an issue that most everyone born after 1980 can understand. What is it about parents and technology? It’s like there’s a switch in their minds that flips whenever the subject comes up. Granted, this isn’t something that everyone has had to deal with. If your parents were brainy with tech and computers, we envy you.

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Also, can we have your parents’ number, so we can put them in touch with ours? Maybe they can explain tech terms in a way that doesn’t cause our parent’s eyes to glaze over.

7 Godzilla vs. Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes became an internet meme, when he appeared in the 2017 song Big Enough for Kirin J. Callinan. It must have been the easiest money Barnes ever earned, because all he needed to do was scream like the world was ending.

The sheer randomness of the song, and the accompanying video, was a perfect storm that placed Barnes on the international stage. Godzilla doesn’t seem to agree, and it would appear that he’s trying to contest Barnes’ claim to fame. Or at least Godzilla’s found another alpha to challenge for the control of the earth. Speaking of which…

6 “I put the ‘god’ in Godzilla!”

These boys vs. girls memes never get old, mostly because they’re so spot on. There’s nothing more boyish than a sore winner, much like Godzilla at the end of 2019’s King of the Monsters. Asserting supremacy over weaker peers is a central tenant of every playground fistfight.

Because at their core, all boys are little dictators who want nothing more than to dominate the monkey bars.

5 Who did it better?

Everyone raves about how Captain Marvel is a feminist icon, but what about Mothra? Okay, sure, she’s not a human, but still. She’s frequently depicted as the most intelligent creature in the Godzilla universe, with a strong sense of duty and selflessness, plus a desire to protect mankind at all cost. Sure, she can dole out some tough love now and then, and she occasionally threatens to destroy all of mankind, but she has her reasons. She’s certainly not one of the many mindless monsters that occupy Godzilla’s world, and it can be argued that the destruction she causes is purely accidental (no one’s perfect after all).

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What we’re saying is that Mothra should run for president, because her egalitarian mindset is just what we need in a leader right now. And hey, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says a giant moth can’t be president, so what’s stopping her?

4 The last thing a guy sees before saying “calm down”

Girls have to put up with a lot from their significant others. Guys in particular seem to have minds that resemble Celeron processors, only able to handle a finite amount of information before grinding to a halt. If there’s one word that women throughout time have come to hate, it’s “huh, what was that?” No one knows why.

It could be ADHD, lack of sleep, or the simple fact that some men have spotty memories. Either which way, it seems like the words go in one ear and out the other, much to the ire of the opposite sex.

3 Why didn’t they think of this before?

Turns out Dr. Serizawa didn’t need to sacrifice himself to defeat Godzilla with the Oxygen Destroyer. He could’ve just flown to Denmark and requested that Lego build a bunch of large bricks to lay around Tokyo. That way, should Godzilla return, he’d have no way of reaching the city center.

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Godzilla would be about as helpless as a parent getting up to pee in the middle of the night, hoping that the trail to the bathroom isn’t littered with those damned blocks. Of course, they wouldn’t stop Rodan or Ghidorah, both of whom could just fly over them, but it’s a start.

2 You’ve been struck by a smooth kaiju

We wonder if anyone has actually attempted to watch the original 1954 Godzilla in reverse. This is just one part of a whole category of memes, all of whom offer summaries of movies when they’re viewed backwards. Only the most creative entries live on to achieve meme immortality, and the possibilities are endless. We can probably do a list dedicated just to saying what happens in a movie played backwards.

Though, if we added this one, we’d have to subtract points, because that still isn’t from Godzilla, but the sequel, Godzilla Raids Again. Get it right, people!

1 “I told you before, lady. I don’t like salad!”

Smudge, aka the cat from the ‘Lady Screaming at Cat Meme,’ is the internet’s mascot for 2019. Who would’ve thought that an innocent picture of a cat reacting to veggies, paired with a still from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, would’ve captured the internet’s imagination to an extent not seen since Grumpy Cat.

Seeing how popular Smudge has become, a meme like the one pictured above was inevitable. Maybe this time people will get the hint that Smudge is a carnivore who doesn’t have time for greens.

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