10 Batman Villains We’d Like to See in Batwoman

gomoviesDecember 4, 2019

As the first half of Batwoman season 1 comes to an end, many Batman fans should be happy at Ruby Rose’s performance as Batwoman and the supporting cast that accurately portrays the Batman lore characters.

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With Beth Kane taking the big bad role in season 1, fans are left to wonder who Batwoman would take on is later seasons of the show, with or without the help of Bruce Wayne. With a vast list of rogues, Batman has taken on in the comics, and in the show (supposedly), here are 10 villains we’d like to see in Batwoman as the show progresses.

10 Catwoman

Although Catwoman shares a stronger connection with Bruce/Batman due to their forbidden love, Selina Kyle is still a foe and a threat to Gotham. Known mostly for her disregard for the rules and her thieving skills, she can still be a great threat to Batwoman. Maybe not even be a foe but some sort of ally, similar to her role as Batman villain/ally. Batwoman still has a lot to learn as Gotham’s protector, and as one of Batman’s closest, “friends” Selina can be a helpful ally to Kate as she gets settled in to replace her cousin. Together, these ladies can put the scare in Gotham’s criminals.

9 The Riddler

As one of Batman’s most intelligent villains, the Riddler poses a huge threat on a consistent basis with his constant riddles and puzzles for the Dark Knight to solve. He really puts Batman’s “World’s Greatest Detective” title to the test with his constant riddles and puzzles with very complex clues.

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Given his hatred for the Bat, he could turn his attention to Batwoman and leave her with the headache of having to solve the Riddlers clues to save whoever he may have captured.  It would also be really fun to see how the CW costume design team can come up with a costume for the Riddler.

8 Poison Ivy

poison ivy

Arguably one of Batman’s strongest rogues, Poison Ivy has the meta ability to control any plant or flower and the ability to release pheromones that can manipulate the minds of her enemies.

As a powerful rogue who could even control Superman, Ivy poses a huge threat to Gotham as she strives to destroy the to benefit her plants and become a powerful being. Pairing up with villains in the past like Mr.Freeze, Harley Quinn,  and even Hugo Strange, Ivy can be a fun and entertaining villain in the CW show. With a complex and vague background, we could even see her tie into to different heroes in the Arrowverse.

7 Professor Pyg

Arguably the creepiest of villains on the list, Pyg is a deranged schizophrenic who has developed an obsession with making people “perfect”, kidnapping people, and taking their parts like play dolls. Similar to Beth’s captors on the show, Pyg loves experimenting with humans, and although he is one of Batman’s newer villains, he’s one of the most memorable.

He wears a pig mask and has surgical precision, making him a more deranged Jack the Ripper. With no intention to stop, the professor has faced Batman on several occasions and by no doubt has probably faced Bruce in the Arrowverse timelines before his disappearance.

6 Black Mask

Black Mask and Batman Mask

As the main villain in Birds of Prey, Black Mask has gained some popularity in the past years. What makes Black Mask unique other than his appearance is his hate for Bruce Wayne, resenting Wayne for buying out his parents company. It is assumed Black Mask probably still runs his gang even after Batman’s disappearance and is a favorite to play a role in Batwoman at some point.

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With his recklessness, his thirst for power and his ability to control the crime in Gotham, he is a very dangerous mob boss who could very well find his way on Batwoman’s radar.

5 Harley Quinn

The Joker’s other half but just as crazy, Harley Quinn can be what the Joker is to Batman. As a violent and unpredictable villain, Harley is Beth Kane amplified by 3. She may not share the Wayne blood like Beth but she can get under Batwomans skin in the same way and pose an even bigger threat if shes let off her leash.

The Arrowverse has confirmed her existence on an episode of the Flash, that is minor but still proves her existence. The fact shes locked up in prison when we see her just goes to show how big of a threat she is.

4 Mad-Hatter

Similar to Beth Kane, Mad Hatter has drawn influence from Alice in Wonderland and created himself in the image of the character in the book. With his ability to hypnotize and manipulate others, Mad Hatter is one of Batman’s oldest and greatest villains.

Even though they both share similar backstories, Alice and Mad Hatter are not connected, but maybe for the sake of the show, they could be and pose an even bigger threat to Batwoman. The unique attribute of Mad Hatter is that he has built an obsession with headwear and will stop at nothing to get Batman’s cowl. Maybe he will settle for Batwoman’s in this case.

3 Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s most underrated villains. Hugo Strange first gained fame as a psychologist, working on the minds of those at Gotham before claiming that he fully analyzed the Dark Knight from afar and learned his identity as Bruce Wayne. Any villain that knows Batman’s identity is not only dangerous but a huge threat to the ones around Batman including Alfred, Lucius Fox, Dick Grayson, and even Catwoman.

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In this case, Strange can be a threat to Batwoman as he could possibly deduce and find out her identity similar to how he found out Batman’s. Every Arrowverse hero has had to deal with a villain knowing their secret identity, so it might be time for Batwoman.

2 Victor Zsasz

Victor Zsasz Batman Villain

Victor Zsasz wasn’t always a deranged murderer. He started off as a successful businessman before his parent’s death sent him into a deep depression. Zsasz’s signature is killing his enemies and carving a tally on his skin to show how many people he’s killed.

With someone as ruthless and as dangerous as him running around the city, Batwoman would definitely want to put a stop to Zsasz.  And as someone whos almost has gotten the edge on Batman himself, he could prove to be a worthy opponent for Batwoman. Similar to Harley, Zsasz has also had an easter egg in the Arrowverse so he has been confirmed to be in the world somewhere.

1 Joker

The clown prince of crime has been confirmed in the show to exist somewhere. The Joker has been Batman’s greatest enemy, being the opposite of what the Bat stands for and causing chaos in Gotham for the pure joy he gets out of it.

Although he has been known to only go after Batman, he could find a way to get under Batwoman’s skin and cause the same headaches he’s given Bruce all the years of their rivalry. The Joker is a favorite of many DC/Batman fans alike and seeing him make his way to the Arrowverse can be very interesting and fun to watch.

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