90 Day Fiancé’s Anna is Having Second Thoughts About Marrying Mursel

gomoviesDecember 3, 2019

Anna, from 90 Day Fiancé, is having second thoughts about marrying Mursel. The two have a strange way of communicating since neither one of them knows the other’s language. Mursel has made it painfully obvious that he does not enjoy residing in the United States and has no intention of working on their communication.

Mursel and Anna originally met over their mutual love of beekeeping, but have since realized upon meeting that they have a number of cultural differences between them, including a rather large language barrier that requires the assistance of a translator. Both reality TV stars are 38 years old, with Mursel hailing from Turkey and being a devout Muslim and Anna being a single mother of three who lives in Nebraska and practices Christianity.

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On Sunday’s all-new episode, the couple found themselves in a merry-go-round argument that led to Mursel calling Anna’s son’s stupid via the phone translator. The two were in the middle of crafting their altar and making tiny honey jar favors for their wedding to look like a beehive when the altercation started. The two bee lovers began a back and forth exchange that ended with Anna telling Mursel that she did not even know if she wanted to marry him anymore.

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The episode left Anna and Mursel’s relationship teetering on a ledge on account of all the tension. Anna also decided to go wedding dress shopping in the December 1 episode, but found herself overwhelmed with the thought of walking down the aisle so soon. The Nebraska native told the cameras that she was worried that the two were just using the language barrier as an excuse not to connect. The mother of three even acknowledged that the two have deeper issues that needed to be addressed, even though her husband-to-be believes that they are fine. During the conversation, Mursel took it upon himself to tell Anna that her sons were spoiled, which set Anna off. She ended the uncomfortable conversation by telling him not to talk about her sons and stormed off toward the house.

Even though the couple had an off day, Anna did have luck when it came to finding herself a wedding dress. But while trying the gown on, she told her friend that nothing in her relationship was going right. Many fans of the show do not believe that the couple will work out as they already seem to be unhappy with one another. In sneak peeks of the next episodes, TLC showed Mursel telling Anna that his family would like him to come back to Turkey, leaving Anna in tears and beside herself.

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New episodes of 90 Day Fiancé air on Sundays at 8 PM EST on TLC.

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