Snowfall: 10 Worst Episodes (According to IMDb)

gomoviesDecember 2, 2019

No matter what show you have down as your favorite or constantly find yourself glued to the TV watching, there will be good episodes and bad ones. It’s just the way things are. Snowfall is no exception. The first three seasons are in the books and while viewers have raved abut the gritty South Central-based show, there have been some complaints.

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FX has done a wonderful job trying to weave at least three storylines per episode into one but at times, they fall on their faces. Here are the 10 worst episodes of Snowfall, according to IMDb.

10 A Long Time Coming (Season 1, Episode 6) Rating 7.9

Franklin is ready to expand but he needs buyers. He heads into the wrong side of town and almost gets killed for being so reckless. Luckily for him, his favorite wrestler Gustavo is there and happens to remember his face. As for Gustavo, he and Lucia are dealing with the same thugs as Franklin, hoping they could do business as well.

On the other side of the country, Teddy is trying to make it work with his wife. For a while, you forgot that he did have a kid and wife. She tells him they’ll give it one more chance but this is flip-flopping Teddy we’re talking about.

9 Prometheus Rising (Season 2, Episode 3) Rating 7.8

Teddy and Matt meet their drug connection who has some very weird demands. With Teddy always being secretive, it was a bit shocking to hear him explain to his brother some of what he does have going on. Alicia and Gustavo are wondering what to do about her cousin Pedro who just shows up looking for work with his new fiance after being missing.

Franklin has issues of his own as two of his guys are killed and the rest of the team is on edge. As usual, Franklin must think things through but he does begin to feel the mounting pressure of being the boss.

8 Make Them Birds Fly (Season 1, Episode 2) Rating 7.8

Franklin is still just a newbie in this game and he’s about to learn the hard way how business is done in the streets. With Franklin and his mom still going through personal and family issues, Cissy is trying to lay down the law with her son who is on his way to ruling South Central. Eventually, they will bump heads but as stated earlier, Franklin is still new to this.

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He stops by to see Claudia who gives him a bit of a hard time. They do business but Franklin can see that there could be trouble brewing. Once outside, Franklin is confronted by two guys who proceed to give him a royal beatdown and run off with the money he just got from selling to Claudia. Did she set him up?

7 Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1) Rating 7.8

Snowfall starts out with a party where something goes terribly wrong. Teddy is called to clean up the mess and for a while, we think he’s just a hired hand. We get our first glimpse at Franklin and have no idea of how big he will become. His uncle is pushing weed, his mother is struggling and South Central looks to be a beautiful place to live.

Teddy is pushing the government to go along with his plan. Franklin stumbles upon the drug game and we’re brought into the lives of two other characters, Gustavo and Lucia.

6 2016 Original Pilot (Season 1, Episode 0) Rating 7.8

Before there was this version of Snowfall there was another that came out earlier. That episode was the official “Pilot” but it never saw the light of day. There were reshoots done and actors were dropped as FX decided to go another route. That story was still set to revolve around three central characters.

Franklin was still the lead along with Gustavo and a character by the name of Logan Miller. One major change to the new show was the year. The original Snowfall took place in 1981 while the newer version takes place in 1983.

5 Story of a Scar (Season 1, Episode 9) Rating 7.7

Maybe it was too early in the storyline but with this episode, it is all about the double-cross and how money can change one’s direction. In South Central, Jerome was content with selling weed. But as Franklin begins to make his moves, cocaine brings in a nice sum of cash. Suddenly, everyone wants to help expand the business.

Teddy is dealing with stress from another country as all he wants to do is get the coke from here to there. Then we have Lucia, Gustavo, Pedro, and Oso. This family is super dysfunctional. Pedro wants to be Teddy’s dad so bad that he’s willing to risk it all. Lucia just wants the respect her father once had and Gustavo, well, he’s here to hurt anyone in their way.

4 Slow Hand (Season 1, Episode 3) Rating 7.7

Franklin wants answers after he was robbed. He confronts Claudia who pretty much laughs in his face but he decides to take matters into his own hands. Franklin gets some help from Leon and one of Leon’s friends. They find the house of the guys who robbed Franklin and from there, things get a little strange.

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Leon’s friend decides to go the extra mile to get Franklin his things back. While Franklin is not with the measure Korvel is taking, the object is to get back what was stolen. “Slow Hand” showed that Franklin still has a ways to go and he might not be cut out for the dirty side of the drug game.

3 Trauma (Season 1, Episode 4) Rating 7.6

Teddy takes a trip with Alejandro to Nicaragua, showing a lot of scenes that should have been left out. These guys are supplying the drugs and maybe there was a vision to have them more involved in the storyline but this episode felt forced. Teddy is trying to convince them and himself about why he’s dealing and the dialogue gets unnatural, fast.

On the other side of the country, Franklin is dealing with what happens when tough decisions must be made. Franklin decides that he’s had enough of the drug game and wants out.

2 Seven-Four (Season 1, Episode 5) Rating 7.2

Teddy and Alejandro are stranded in the desert after their two-seater plane goes down. Alejandro is unconscious with bandages wrapped around his head while Teddy is doing all he can to fix the plane. Gustavo finally gets to meet with Lucia and Pedro’s family but Ramiro has no place for him in the organization. Heck, he has no real place for Lucia either.

At a Fourth of July cookout, a little incident goes down between Franklin, Jerome, Cissy and Franklin’s dad after he bails him out of jail. Two white officers show up and almost choke Franklin to death.

1 Other Lives (Season 3, Episode 10) Rating 6.6

While dealing with the injury Mel inflicted on him, we’re taken on a trip inside Franklin’s thoughts as he focuses on what could’ve been had he stayed in school and not became a drug dealer. Things were unclear here. For a while, it seemed like this was a new path he was walking instead of some daydream.

There was no Melody, but we saw more death and destruction in this episode than we’ve seen since Snowfall first aired. Was this a sign of things to come. Snowfall has had it’s up and downs but “Other Lives” was just a waste of an episode. We were given no answers.

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