D&D Alignments Of Main Characters

gomoviesDecember 2, 2019

American Horror Story is one of the most popular TV series, loved by millions of viewers. Even though it doesn’t focus on jump scares most of the time, it still has amazing scary scenes in every new season that is different from the ones that came before it.

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The characters in AHS: Murder House, for instance, are quite scary, but not all of them are antagonists. In fact, all of them are protagonists of their own stories. Here are the D&D Alignments of American Horror Story: Murder House Characters.

10 Dr. Charles Montgomery: Neutral Evil

Dr. Charles Montgomery is undeniably a controversial character. He was the one who built the Murder House and was its original owner. Despite starting out as a successful surgeon, he soon developed a “Frankenstein Complex,” sewing together parts of animals and then people.

Charles is definitely a Neutral Evil character. He doesn’t obey any laws and pursues his only desire to cut and stitch together, but he isn’t bad enough to be considered Chaotic Evil. He completely forgets about his wife Nora, though he does listen to her when she organizes illegal abortions for him to perform so they can pay their bills.

9 Nora Montgomery: Chaotic Neutral

Just like her husband, Nora wasn’t the most pleasant character on the show. She was self-obsessed and used to leading a frivolous lifestyle having grown up in a wealthy family. Nora often said that she wanted a child of her own, but her days as a mother were not the best ones.

Nora is definitely a Chaotic Neutral character, as she mostly follows her own whims. However, unlike her husband, she doesn’t usually pose a threat to those around her. In fact, as a ghost, she had eventually developed somewhat of a mother-son relationship with Tate.

8 Moira O’Hara: True Neutral

Moira is one of the ghosts in the Murder House who has been working there as a housekeeper for several decades. When she was still alive, Moira slept with Constance’s husband Hugo (they were the owners of the house at the time), but then regretted it and rejected him when he wanted to do it the second time.

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Unfortunately, Hugo tried to rape Moira, but Constance caught them and killed them both, burying Moira in the garden. Moira behaves as a True Neutral character. She despises men who see her only as a sex object but sympathizes with women who have been cheated on.

7 Larry Harvey: Lawful Evil

Larry Harvey is yet another character who used to be the owner of the Murder House. At first he seems like a decent guy who has simply been misunderstood because of his appearance, but then we find out about his true intentions and his real backstory.

Larry is a Lawful Evil character though he first pretends to be Neutral Good at first. He fell in love with Constance and did everything he could do be with her which led to his wife committing suicide by setting herself and her daughter on fire. Larry also killed Constance’s son at her request and didn’t seem to feel any regret for it.

6 Adelaide Langdon: Neutral Good

Adelaide is Constance and Hugo Langdon’s daughter who was born with Down syndrome. More often than not, she acts like a kind person who simply wants to fit in. She even tries to warn the inhabitants of the Murder House, but her remarks are often misinterpreted as threats.

Adelaide is a Neutral Good character. Even though she is mostly kind and friendly, she has used people’s misconceptions about her mental condition to benefit her. Nevertheless, she likes hanging out with the ghosts in the house and doesn’t try to intentionally hurt anyone — except for maybe rebelling against Constance.

5 Constance Langdon: Chaotic Evil

Constance Langdon is probably the most deceiving of all the characters in the first season of American Horror Story. Despite appearing to be kind and friendly, she is actually cunning and deceiving. She mostly follows only her own desires and goals.

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Constance is a Chaotic Evil character. She murdered her own husband and her maid, seduced the new owner of the house, and then ordered him to murder her son. Nevertheless, Constance cares for her children, but sometimes uses questionable methods for their education.

4 Tate Langdon: Neutral Good

Tate is Constance’s son (not the one killed by Larry) who lives in the Murder House as a ghost without realizing that he is actually dead. Though it seemed like Tate is a psychopath, we soon find out that the massacre he had committed was because of the Devil’s influence.

Tate is a Neutral Good character. He tries to protect his siblings from their abusive mother and then decides to become Violet’s friend and help her with everything. He is a sweet boy, depressed because of his dysfunctional family, who ultimately finds true love in Violet.

3 Violet Harmon: True Neutral

Violet Harmon is the daughter of Ben and Vivien Harmon. The family moves into the Murder House at the beginning of the season. Violet suffers from clinical depression and goes as far as cutting herself and attempting suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills, but she never tries to harm anyone.

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Violet is a True Neutral character. She is kind, but resents her father for cheating on her mother. Violet is attracted to the dark sides of life and the house, but she never follows any bad thoughts she might have had while being under the house’s influence.

2 Dr. Ben Harmon: Neutral Good

Ben Harmon is probably the most oblivious character of all. He doesn’t realize that there are ghosts in the house until he becomes one himself. Ben is mostly a kind and caring character, but he seems to be very easily provoked, which might indicate that he has anger issues.

Ben is a Neutral Good character. He cares for his family deeply and tries to make his relationship with Vivien work after cheating on her. Even though he has good intentions, he often messes everything up. Nevertheless, he can’t be considered an evil character in any way.

1 Vivien Harmon: Chaotic Good

Vivien Harmon is Ben’s wife and the mother of Violet. She is an incredibly positive person who gets distracted by her own worries sometimes but gets back on track quickly. She is probably the only character actively seeking to do good to those around her.

Vivien is a Chaotic Good character. She cares for her family and for the environment by leading a healthy lifestyle. Vivien decides to stay with her husband even after she finds out that he cheated on her, but she no longer allows him to approach her.

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