The Challenge: Can Any Brit Survive to the Finals?

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Although The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 started off with a cast of half American/half British contestants, the English contenders have been decimated. Weeks away from the finale, just four of the original 14 Brit reality stars remain in the game. Can any of them make it to the end at this point?

To be fair, the odds were always stacked against the British team. A lot of the Brits are new to The Challenge franchise, whereas the American team is full of veterans. This disparity in experience gives the American players the upper hand in just about every challenge.

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The storyline for each episode has been a bit repetitive, as the losing Brits have to keep figuring out which of their own to cannibalize. Rookies Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Esther Falana, Nicole Bass, Idris Virgo, and Sean Lineker were dumped for not demonstrating their worth. Zahida Allen made an early exit when her grandparent died. Despite previous success on The Challenge, antagonists Stephen Bear and Kyle Christie both found themselves on the wrong side of the numbers and on their way out the door.

In the last two episodes, the odds of a Brit making the finals have decreased dramatically with its best prospects (and former Love Island UK stars) also being eliminated. Georgia Harrison proved she could make it to the finals last season, yet her team booted her even though they had a chance to take out one of their American rivals instead. Then, after winning his previous three elimination face-offs, Theo Campbell, a track star and runner-up on Challenge: War of the Worlds 1, saw his luck finally run out.

That leaves just four Brits in contention, and their respective outlooks are dicey at best. Kayleigh Morris has played a cunning social game, but may not have the physical prowess to make it to the finish line. Rogan O’Connor infamously flamed out trying to hike up a mountain in the first episode of The Challenge: Vendettas, and his team rightfully has some doubts about his stamina. On the other hand, Jenny West has a bodybuilder’s physique that would serve her well, but zero allies interested in getting her to the end. Joss Mooney, who missed winning The Challenge: Final Reckoning by 40 seconds, probably has the best odds of getting to the finals again, but his frequent betrayals this season may make him a target.

In fact, it’s possible that the “British” team could be represented entirely by foreigners when all is said and done. An episode 1 twist added American CT Tamburello and Australian Dee Nguyen to the team and thus far they’ve managed to coast by safely. More recently, newly engaged couple Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley each took advantage of the season’s “turncoat” twist to jump ship from the U.S. team to the Brit team, and their obvious strength may make them more desirable to be part of the final team than any of the original contenders. It’s great that The Challenge has opened its doors to new contestants abroad, but MTV ought to give more consideration during the casting process to prevent such lopsided teams. Since this season is supposed to culminate in a showdown between American and British contenders, it’s going to be a joke if it’s just some Americans representing the Queen.

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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 pm EST on MTV.

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