Superman’s Secret Identity Reveal Makes History in DC Preview

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Superman #18

The DC Universe is about to change forever, and in one of the last ways fans ever expected: Superman will reveal his secret identity to the world. No strings attached, no conditions, and according to writer Brian Michael Bendis, no plans to reverse the decision. The historic day will arrive this December, but for an event this massive, DC is officially giving fans a sneak preview of the moment Clark Kent’s old life comes to an end.

That idea has been challenged, however, with the future even less clear for Clark Kent than his ‘true’ Superman identity. While it’s hard to imagine Clark Kent ever being seen as a normal person, let alone an investigative reporter again, it makes sense for many fans to assume this twist coming to Superman #18 in December will also mean the ‘death’ of Clark Kent that fans have known. Bendis is pushing back against those assumptions, but DC’s official preview placing the press conference on the steps of The Daily Planet — where Superman has hidden among his coworkers for years — promises some serious fallout.

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The world will gather to hear Superman utter the words no comic book fan ever thought he would this December, but fans can see the moment for themselves now:

The location for the press conference and world-changing announcement could have a different meaning. As Bendis explains to The Washington Post, Superman won’t be losing his desire to work as a journalist just because he’s shared his secret with the public. Yes, the office might have to adapt to the changes, but Bendis assures fans both Clark and Superman survive this announcement:

I get why people would immediately think… that Clark Kent just goes away. Clark is a huge part of who [Superman] is. It’s who he grew up as. He’s not giving it up. He’s sharing it with people… I have to be careful with my wording, but, you know, this is Warner Bros., and they don’t do things willy-nilly and this was approved. They said, ‘Go for it. We see what you’re doing. We get it.’ It takes [Superman] into a place we would like to take him.

Fans will have to wait and see for themselves how the twist is delivered, and just how much it may change the landscape of the DC Universe. But until then, read on below for the full solicitations details and plot synopsis:

  • SUPERMAN #18
  • Released on: December 11th, 2019
  • Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Art & Cover by: Ivan Reis and Joe Prado
  • Variant cover by: SKAN
  • The secret is out! In a story already making headlines, Superman’s family is scattered across the galaxy, and our hero must confront some of his greatest concerns about himself and his place in the galaxy. Legendary artist Ivan Reis joins writer Brian Michael Bendis as they introduce the biggest change in the Man of Steel’s life ever!

Superman #18 arrives on December 11th in your local comic book shop.

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Source: The Washington Post

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