New HULK Soldiers Are About To Enter Marvel’s Universe

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Warning: SPOILERS for The Immortal Hulk #27

In The Immortal Hulk comic series, Bruce Banner and the Hulk have just declared war on climate change. And it’s starting with an attack on the biggest global polluters killing the planet by either failing to take action, or preventing any for their bottom line. But the biggest threat, Roxxon Energy Corp, has some weapons of their own…

In a new official preview for The Immortal Hulk #27, readers get a good look at the true nemesis preparing to oppose Banner and Hulk: the CEO of Roxxon, Dario Agger… better know as Minotaur. The name isn’t a joke, either. After being born to a rich family in Greece, Dario’s parents were killed by pirates. He was spared thanks to his prayers before a statue of a bull — transforming him into a mighty Minotaur. But it isn’t just his strength he’ll rely on to face down the Hulk, now that Roxxon is hinting at their own B.E.R.S.E.R.K.E.R. Unit. A team of people at the same level as the Hulk, but without gamma. Everyone is becoming the Hulk these days.

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Bruce is warned that Dario is planning to fight fire with fire, just not gamma with gamma. This fact does not seem to phase Banner at all, who apparently plans on fighting Roxxon on their turf, by trans-locating to one of Roxxon’s locations. This isn’t saying much, since when Banner is faced with the possibility that trans-locating could end up turning him inside out, he simply shrugs it off — he is the immortal Hulk, after all. Check out the lingering tease from the preview, courtesy of CBR:

Immortal Hulk BERSERKER Roxxon Soldier

Being turned inside out may not phase Banner, but when he is face to face with Roxxon’s own Hulks it may cause him to pause — since these Human Hulks are all kinds of grotesque. If they are as strong as they are ugly, the Hulk is in for a real challenge — but you know the Hulk will never back down. Make sure to read the solicit below and add The Immortal Hulk #27 to your pull list at your local comic book shop.

  • 2099 VARIANT COVER BY Tom Raney
  • Some monsters are born from gamma… other monsters worship a different kind of green. In his war on the human world, the Immortal Hulk is taking the fight to its lords and masters – the Roxxon Corporation. But when you mess with THE MINOTAUR… you get the horns.

The Immortal Hulk #27 will be available on November 20th, 2019.

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Source: CBR

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