Keep Your Loot Safe With These Merchoid Bags And Wallets

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

With the colder weather closing in, that doesn’t mean you have to stop adventuring. And your hard-earned loot, whether it be cash or something you find while exploring, deserves to be kept safe. Merchoid is running a generous deal that falls perfectly in line with this thinking – safe holding your valuables while looking fashionable

Today’s Daily Deals start of stong with two Star Wars items- just in time for both The Mandalorian and The Rise of Skywalker this December. First off is a hefty satchel, the Star Wars: Everybody Loves Rey Satchel. It provides a themed look that perfectly falls in line with Rey’s past and color scheme on Jakku mixed with her Jedi training attire. You can feel both the desert and her own darker palette in this satchel as she grows to be a Jedi Master.

The next Star Wars item has its form-factor down pat – the Star Wars: Damage Control AT-AT Pilot Zip Around Wallet. Not everyone needs to be on the Rebel’s side. We get it. Some people think that the Empire is where it’s at. I mean, they do have cool red lightsabers and there is some amazing Storm Trooper armor for the different weather elements across the galaxy. No shame in changing it up. This wallet features a zip around the entirety of it, keeping everything inside snug and safe.

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Star Wars isn’t the only major franchise with gear on sale – Merchoid also has a plethora of discounts on Harry Potter, Zeldaand basically anything that makes us nerds swoon.

Standouts include the Harry Potter: Full Steam Ahead Hogwarts Express Handbag. Find your spot on the Hogwarts Express as you journey the world with this officially licensed handbag. Included are a Hogwarts crest keychain and a 9 3/4 ticket, just in case you get lost in transit! Wizard or muggle, this bag is an excellent Harry Potter accessory.

If Zelda is more your cup of tea, this Breath of the Wild Shield Backpack is here so you can go HYAAAAAA and knock over all of the vases in town. Also, please don’t do what we just said. Thanks. Marked as the exact size of the Traveller’s Shield, you could technically make a replica shield and place it inside your replica backpack. That’s a Zelda shield inception (trademark pending). And if you just need something to store cash and cards in, the Zelda: Kaleidosword wallet is the perfect fit. This wallet is thin, smooth, and absolutely stylish, with both the Kaleidosword and Ancient Arrows permeating the print – perfect for fighting Guardians and Ganondorf, lest they cross your path.

As always, these prices are not guaranteed to last past midnight tonight EST. These officially licensed Star Wars bags and accessories won’t hold themselves! Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for more deals on merch tailored especially for you.

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