Hogwarts Houses Of Home Alone Characters

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

There are many Christmas movies and holiday films out there that have been made over the years, but there are few that are as popular or as significant in pop culture as Home Alone. While this holiday movie is almost thirty years old now, making it practically a Christmas classic, it’s still a favorite of many people who grew up watching it in their childhoods. While Harry Potter and Home Alone are two totally different things, they both capture something magical and mischievous about being young.

So, we’ve decided to sort the main characters from Home Alone into their Hogwarts houses as the holiday season is on its way.


Joe Pesci in Home Alone

While Kevin might be the main character in the movie, the two criminals also get quite a lot of screen time. Harry and Marv aren’t exactly criminal masterminds, but they do come up with a clever plan to try and rob houses while owners are away for Christmas.

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While they are both unsavory in their own ways, Harry is definitely the mastermind of the operation. He’s just a little bit similar, and he’s definitely more cunning and shrewd. He would definitely belong in Slytherin house over any other.


Unlike Harry, Marv isn’t all that clever when it comes to being a criminal. It’s Marv who comes up with the name the Wet Bandits and leaves a signature so that they end up getting busted for all of their robberies. Marv definitely isn’t near as planning oriented or as ambitious as Harry, and while he’s definitely a bad guy, he would fit better into Hufflepuff house. He’s not exceptionally bright, not brave, and not cunning, but he does seem to care more about creature comforts and does have a little bit of a gentler side than Harry.


Marley, known as Old Man Marley by the kids in the neighborhood, is somewhat of a tragic figure in Home Alone who ends up with a happy ending. While the kids think of him as some scary old man, he’s actually very sweet. He ends up helping Kevin, and he is actually the one who saves him from Marv and Harry when they finally get a hold of him.

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Seeing him get a happy ending with his son and granddaughter is one of the high points of the movie, and his sweet heart and caring nature would make him a perfect Hufflepuff.


Of all of the annoying characters in Kevin’s family, Uncle Frank is definitely one of the worst. While the rest of the adults in the extended family take care of children and try to get things done, Frank acts like a child himself. He’s rude and crass, and he’s not caring at all. He’s also not very smart, and he would most likely get along best with the more unsavory sides of Slytherins than anyone else. He’s definitely selfish which is one of his most Slytherin traits.


Kevin McCallister comes from a big family, and he’s the youngest of five children. He has two older brothers and two older sisters, and Linnie is the middle child. She’s the second girl, and third child overall, and she definitely comes across as a clever middle kid. She is the one who says the line, “You’re what the French call Les incompetents.” She’s clearly someone who is smart and mostly over the chaos of her large family, and she’d likely do well in the more quiet environment of the Ravenclaw common room.


Fuller McCallister is Kevin’s cousin, and he’s the one who drinks all the Pepsi and is notorious from Home Alone for wetting the bed. The whole adventure in the movie really gets started because Kevin doesn’t want to share a bed with him. While Fuller doesn’t feature much in the movie, he’s a Gryffindor because of the fact that he’s pretty shameless. Gryffindors can be pretty arrogant and not considerate of other people, and the fact he’s drinking so much soda when he knows he will wet the bed is pretty rude.


Peter McCallister is Kevin’s dad, and he would make the most sense as a Gryffindor. Along with his wife, he is the parent of five kids, and he has a lot on his plate to wrangle them as well as all of the extended family that’s come to visit for the holiday season. He is a pretty level-headed person, but he’s also clearly brave and caring. He doesn’t seem quite as quick-thinking as a Ravenclaw or as shrewd as a Sltyrehin, so Gryffindor makes the most sense.


Now, it might be easiest to sort Buzz into Slytherin because he’s so unlikeable, his other traits also fit really well. While he can come across as likable to the adults, this is all because he’s extremely good at manipulating people. He’s smarter than you might think, and he’s also got quite the mean streak.

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He’s definitely someone who would fit in pretty well with Malfoy’s group of Slytherins.


Kate McCallister is Kevin’s mom, and while she doesn’t take up a huge amount of screen time, she’s a really important character. She’s the one who does everything she can to try to get back to Kevin quickly. While she’s a caring person, she also has a more refined personality and ability to handle a lot of chaos with a good amount of logic that makes her a Ravenclaw. It’s her quick-thinking and willingness to try and see outside of the box that gets her headed home to Kevin as quickly as possible.


Home Alone for Christmas

Kevin is definitely one of the most iconic characters from any Christmas movie. And, while he’s got a huge heart and is caring, he’s also got a lot of Slytherin traits. There are many great Slytherins, and you don’t have to be a bad person to be one. Kevin’s ability to use his brain and be cunning, ambitious and a leader are what make him a member of this house.

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