Entourage: 10 Best Episodes (According to IMDB)

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

How do you take one of the best ideas for a TV show and turn it into something special? HBO has been doing this for years with their dramas and comedies. Imagine you move out to Hollywood with dreams of being the next big thing, but you are not alone. To make sure you’re grounded and taken care of, you take your three best friends with you.

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For Vincent Chase, this was his life. While many shows have come to HBO, Entourage left a lasting impression. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best episodes, according to IMDb.

10 Gotta Look Up To Get Down- 8.9

Gotta Look Up (Entourage) Cropped

Ari is offered a job as the head of a major studio. However, he’s having second thoughts. Why? This is the kind of power he always thought he had as an agent. With this job, he could call his own shots, but he hesitates for one of the craziest reasons.

The scene where Ari tells Vince of the offer is when fans began to lose some love for Vince. At that moment, he became the one thing he promised not to become– Hollywood. Acting like a spoiled brat, Vince didn’t seem happy for his agent/friend. He wanted him and Ari to finish want they started. Wouldn’t that be easier with Ari as a studio head?

9 The All Out Fall Out- 8.9

The All Out (Entourage) Cropped

Drama is dealing with a broken heart. Vince needs some income and Eric is doing his best to please everyone. While trying to sell his client’s script, Eric starts a bidding war between studios. That should be good news, but he’s listening to too many people and still has no idea what he’s doing.

Vince is being paid big money to make an appearance at a Sweet Sixteen party and sing a song. I mean, what could go wrong here? Well, his name is Drama. Lost in his feelings, Drama gets drunk, joins Vince for a duet, and then throws up all over the cake.

8 The Sundance Kids- 9.0

The Sundance Kid (Entourage) Cropped

Did they blow it? Sundance is the place you want to be if you’re in search of someone to either produce your film or looking for film gigs. For the crew, it was about “Queens Blvd.” What they wanted was for James Cameron to take a look, fall in love with it, and take it on.

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But it didn’t go as planned. 10 minutes into the 4-hour long movie, Cameron gets up and leaves. Stunned, Vince tells his boys to hit the slopes. But all was not lost. Turtle and Drama had the time of their lives with a Peace Corp member until a little misunderstanding took place. Cameron ends up calling back and explains why he left.

7 Welcome To The Jungle- 9.0

Welcome to the Jungle (Entourage) Cropped

Billy is a loose cannon. We’ve known this since his introduction. However, he has a great vision for “Medellin,” but that awkwardness keeps getting in the way. The big money guy Nick gets arrested while on his way to Columbia, and all that does is throw another obstacle in their way. Billy is also not satisfied with the ending.

But here comes Eric to the rescue. He finds more money and even manages to get help with the script. After Eric and Billy have a heart-to-heart talk, Billy gets back on his A-Game and finally gets the ending he wants. Now, this movie can be made, right?

6 Lose Yourself- 9.0

Lose Yourself (Entourage) Cropped

Vince is totally strung out on drugs and still chasing Sasha around like a lost puppy, so his friends call for an intervention. Oh yeah, calling an intervention on a self-absorbed Hollywood star is always the right thing to do.

Eric was asked to sign a prenup before his marriage to Sloan. Ari’s wife tells him they need some time apart and leaves. Then it really hits the fan when Vince crashes Eminem’s party and gets beat up in the process. How long does it take for him to realize he’s hit rock bottom? On top of it all, he gets locked up when an officer finds drugs in his pocket.

5 Vegas Baby, Baby!- 9.1

Vegas Baby (Entourage) Cropped

Vince is struggling, and Turtle suggests a trip. Where to go? Vegas, of course. However, before they hit the road, they must grab the 5th member of their entourage, Ari. Turtle hooks Vince up to be a judge at a stripper contest while Drama is off getting a massage. What could go wrong?

Well, Eric runs into Seth Green, and for some reason, Seth asks Eric to say hello to his girlfriend Sloan. “Vegas Baby, Vegas” was not a deep episode and had no real connection to any storyline. It was just five friends having fun in Sin City.

4 Exodus- 9.2

Exodus (Entourage) Cropped

Vince is taking care of his people thanks to the success of Aquaman. While his movie career is surging, his personal life is not doing too well. While out on the town, Turtle and Drama snap a photo of Vince’s girlfriend Mandy Moore out with her ex. Is Mandy cheating? If so, what does that mean for the movie they’re shooting together?

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Sloan tells Eric that she doesn’t think that Mandy is cheating on Vince. However, Eric tells Vince that he believes the opposite. Well, Vince gets in his feelings and walks off the movie. Ari starts his own agency with just one employee–Lloyd. Oh man, this should be fun.

3 One Day In The Valley- 9.2

One day In The Valley (Entourage) Cropped

Aquaman finally opens, and the numbers are huge. Could the movie surpass Spider-Man as the biggest opening weekend in history? The boys decide to go to a screening in the Valley, but the heat causes a blackout. To let off some steam, they head over to a high school party where they have a blast.

While drunk, Ari finds them and lets Vince know that the numbers are still on track to overtake Spider-Man this weekend despite the early roadblocks. Welcome to Hollywood stardom, Mr. Vincent Chase.

2 Return To Queens BLVD- 9.2

Return To Queens (Entourage) Cropped

Anyway, the boys are back home and let’s be honest, they all needed this trip. Vince needs a win, and Eric, being his best friend and manager, is doing his best to get him that.

But Vince, being so spoiled thinks Eric made him look desperate, and fired him right before Martin Scorsese calls about a movie. Now, Vince wants to apologize to Eric and hire him back as his manager.

1 Give A Little Bit- 9.3

Give A Little (Entourage) Cropped

Poor Turtle. He gets dumped by his girlfriend while sitting on a plane on his way to go see her. Talk about bad timing. Drama nails an audition for “Melrose Place” but is later told he’s too old. However, Fichtner tells him that the studio wants to sign him to a holding deal and will look to develop something around him. Johnny gets a win.

Eric asks Sloan to marry him. Ari apologized to Lloyd and finally made him an official agent. The two of them together should make a dangerous team.

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