Death Stranding: A Guide to Every Celebrity Character

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019


Kojima Productions managed to put together a truly formidable cast for it’s latest game, Death Stranding. One of the most highly-anticipated games of the year, Death Stranding is a beautifully designed game set in the near future where the America we once knew is gone and the worlds of the living and the dead are inextricably entwined.


Image via Kojima Productions

While the world of Death Stranding that has been dreamt up, designed, and brought to life by Hideo Kojima and his team makes for a deeply immersive experience, the game is gaining lots of notoriety for its very cinematic cut scenes. The cut scenes run long but they are steeped in exposition as well as key story points that help add depth to the world of Death Stranding. Part of the magic of these cut scenes is the fact the Kojima and Co. have assembled an extremely skilled voice cast to bring to life a variety of characters that are essential to the story.

The Walking Dead veteran Norman Reedus is the face of Death Stranding because he plays the lead character as well as the sole playable character in the game. But, as previous trailers have revealed, Reedus is not the sole famous face in the games. Death Stranding has brought together a cast filled with actors, directors (one is an Oscar-winner), film and TV vets, and some familiar performers from video games you love. Below is the full roundup of Death Stranding core cast members with a breakdown on the character they play.

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