10 Movie Monsters More Powerful Than Godzilla

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Monster movies are some of the best in the horror genre. Although sometimes monsters can be introduced in other genres as well, such as comedy or drama, depending on what you’re in the mood to watch.

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Most people hear “monster movie” and immediately think of the big-name stars like Godzilla and King Kong. But there are plenty of other monstrous beings out there in the film world. We’re measuring up some of the biggest and meanest beasts in Hollywood and beyond to see who could overpower the mighty Godzilla.

10 Pacific Rim Kaiju

Pacific Rim is a lesser-known blockbuster series created by Guillermo del Toro. Despite the first movie underperforming at the box office, these movies about massive robots fighting equally massive monsters still managed to get a sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel didn’t live up to the first film’s critical acclaim.

The basic plot of Pacific Rim is that monstrous Kaiju have risen from the depths of the ocean and the only way to fight them off is by using technologically advanced robots called Jaegers. The Kaiju in this film would not exist without Godzilla, but given how many of them there are, they could probably overpower him.

9 Alien

The Alien franchise created by Ridley Scott is one of the most famous movie series we have about evil extraterrestrial creatures. Since the first movie released, Hollywood has made tons of copycats. But there is something special about the films that have not been replicated by other sci-fi films.

Even though the Xenomorphs are smaller than Godzilla, they outnumber the monstrous lizard by a large margin. Plus, they are not to be underestimated. They have been decimating astronauts and space explorers for decades. The Xenomorphs are not a species that Godzilla would ever want to tangle with.

8 Gyaos

Gyaos is one of many notable Kaiju in the Godzilla universe. The monstrous being is somewhat bat-like and resembles a pterodactyl. The M.U.T.O. creatures in Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla (2014) are very similar to the design of Gyaos. Godzilla and this beast have come head-to-head on multiple occasions.

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Gyaos can shoot laser beams out of its mouth, not unlike Godzilla. Gyaos was part of the Gamera series for a long time, which was a monster very similar to Godzilla. But Gyaos was also present in several Godzilla films as well.

7 Cloverfield Monster

Remember Cloverfield? Years ago, when Cloverfield was first released, people were obsessed with the film due to stealth marketing and J.J. Abrams’ involvement. It revolutionized found-footage movies and spawned numerous copycats. It even started its own mini-franchise with a theatrical sequel and a third film that debuted on Netflix.

The Cloverfield Monster is pretty terrifying due to the strange pink sacs on its head, its many spidery legs, and its ability to produce miniature alien versions of itself. It would be fascinating to see the Cloverfield Monster and Godzilla face-off one day.

6 Kumonga

If you hate spiders, then you would probably be terrified of the massive Kumonga, which could give Aragog from Harry Potter a run for his money. Kumonga was first introduced in the Son of Godzilla film and certainly gave Godzilla a run for his money.

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The many-legged creature is a vicious predator that has no issues with killing humans. However, in some films and stories containing Kumonga, the beast is shown to have calmed down and become a friend to the other monsters in its universe. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still terrifying and deadly, however.

5 King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah has always been considered Godzilla’s arch-nemesis. He has been featured heavily in almost every version of Godzilla’s storytelling. Most recently, Ghidorah was one of the primary antagonists in Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla: King of Monsters.

You can easily understand why Ghidorah is such a threat due to the fact he can fly, breath fire, and has three heads. Even at the end of King of Monsters, it is hinted that Ghidorah could return to life during the movie’s post-credits scene. It is plausible that we may see the beast once again in the upcoming Kong vs. Godzilla.

4 King Kong

King Kong is a giant ape-like creature that has an established lexicon of his own comparable to that of Godzilla’s. The debate about who would win between Kong and Godzilla has waged for decades. We’ll see the two come to blows on the big screen in 2020 when Kong vs. Godzilla finally debuts.

However, King Kong does have one significant advantage over Godzilla in that Kong has opposable thumbs! Still, it’ll be interesting to see the two creatures duke it out in theaters.

3 The Host

In 2006, South Korea released a monster movie called The Host that has revolutionized how monster movies are made ever since. The film is still often cited as one of the best monster movies ever made and is frequently discussed as also being one of the most genuinely frightening films in existence.

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The film’s story is about a horrific monster that kidnaps a young girl, and her father must do whatever it takes to rescue her before it is too late. The Host has ranked on numerous Top 10 lists since its release more than a decade ago. The monster that the film focuses on appears to be a mutated fish, it would undoubtedly have the upper hand should it and Godzilla fight in the sea.

2 Colossal

The monster in Colossal might not be that familiar to you if you missed out on the fantastic movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. The monster in the film does not have a name, but the movie is indeed called Colossal. We don’t know much about the monster’s origin either, but it is enormous, and it has a psychic link to anyone who stands on a particular playground located in the town where Hathaway and Sudeikis’s characters live.

The creature would likely even tower over Godzilla, although it doesn’t necessarily have the same amount of strength. That said, it is possible that multiple monsters can appear in the same place, and that could overwhelm the lizard.

1 Creatures from Tremors

Tremors is a 1990 monster film. That said, it’s not precisely horror-themed; it tends to be more comedic. It’s probably best known for being one of Kevin Bacon’s early films and the craziness of its plotline. Plus, even though it might be considered a comedy, the creatures introduced in the first film of a franchise are still frightening. Have you ever wondered what is dwelling in the ground beneath your very feet?

That’s what Tremors focuses on. The film is all about massive snake-like beings that tear apart the town of Perfection, Nevada, and leave plenty of bodies in their wake. It’s feasible they could overpower Godzilla, especially if they approached him from under the ground in a sneak attack.

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