10 Hidden Details Behind The Characters

gomoviesNovember 15, 2019

Bless This Mess is a comedic show that depicts the life of a couple from New York City when they move to Nebraska. They encounter many obstacles on both the farm and in their social lives as they try to adjust to life on the farm. It’s never easy, and viewers are left crying from laughing too hard at the humor.

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There are probably some things you missed in regards to the characters on the show that you should know. Some were more subtle than others, but it helps you understand them better as individuals. Keep reading to learn about 10 hidden details behind the characters on Bless This Mess!

10 Kent And Rudy Are Related

Season 2, Episode 6 brought about a revelation between Kent and Rudy as they fought over whose ancestor founded the town. They each had fur capes and stories to boot, but in the end, it was revealed through a letter that they were actually related.

It turns out that the founder of the town was in a relationship with two women who both bore offspring, leading to the births of both Rudy and Kent. It was a twist that no one saw coming, and one thing you might have missed during their discussion about the past.

9 Kay Bowman Has A Heart

Kay Bowman tries to portray herself as a hardened woman who no one can hurt, but it’s simply a false facade. She loves her family, and even though she kicked Beau out she still loves him too. Kay still cuts Jacob’s hair and even delivers Beau’s clothes to him when he is living with Mike and Rio.

It even shows when she goes to the bathroom with the weird man during Season 2, Episode 3 and neglects to sleep with him. She shows her sincerity for Rio by fixing her pipes even though their relationship started off pretty poorly in Season 1.

8 Brandon Likes A Challenge

Brandon is Constance’s son and he is a new addition to the cast in Season 2. It has come to light that he loves to be challenged and has trouble finding things that do that in Bucksnort. He finds Rudy, Mike, and Beau stuck in a tree and since he is afraid of heights he designs a contraption to bring them down.

His intellectual need for challenges is again brought to light in Season 2, Episode 6 when he begins to create a spoon robot with Rudy and tries to help his mother’s shop excel by implementing a rewards program.

7 Constance Is The True Therapist

Rio might be the only licensed therapist in town, but Constance is arguably the unpaid therapist for the entire town. She is the Sheriff, but you never see her arresting anyone because she handles everything with words.

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It also helps that she runs the convenience store and it is not uncommon for customers, or even Rio herself, to come to Constance with their problems. She is very knowledgeable and able to coach people through things, and we all wish we had someone like Constance in our lives.

6 Rudy Is The Most Intelligent On The Show

Rudy comes across as the crazy guy that lives in Mike and Rio’s barn, but he is arguably the most intelligent character on the show. He wants the kids to toilet paper his barn so he can collect the “white gold” and have enough toilet paper to last him the year.

The man understands how his goat talks and can interpret its feelings, which not many people can say they can do. Rudy is also living life as he saves money by spending his days in the barn which is way cheaper than a house or renting an apartment.

5 Jacob Takes Geometry

The most recent episode showed Rio accidentally nailing Jacob’s backpack with the sickle she was using to harvest corn. Luckily, it hit his math book instead of his spine, as he so graciously pointed out. We caught a glimpse of Jacob’s math book which shows he is currently taking Geometry in school.

It helps us take pity on him as we remember our days with the subject of theorems and postulates that really never made any sense. It might also be noted how he is consistently in the firing line of traumatic events and still manages to keep a smile on his face no matter the charade.

4 Donna Talks With The Town

You might not have noticed that Donna, who is Rio’s mother, has connections within the town of Bucksnort. We recently discovered she talks regularly with Constance, which is why she came to town and helped them find land to harvest.

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It extends further back in their past as you remember when Mike and Rio wouldn’t take her money for a new water heater, so she sent someone to buy all of their eggs instead. Donna only does things to protect and care for her daughter as any loving mother would do, but it is no secret she often takes it a step too far.

3 Rio and Her Mom Are Very Similar

Rio hates it when her mother comes to town, but the reality is that the two are actually very similar. They both tend to be overdramatic and they also drive to be the best in whatever they do. It is part of the reason why Rio hops on the bandwagon of harvesting corn by hand because she truly believes she has the power to do it.

They both also have a sense of style that is a bar above the rest, as even after Rio moved to Bucksnort, she still wears stylish things that you wouldn’t see on other residents of the town.

2 Beau Bowman Has An Irrational Fear Of Dots

This fear is something that is discussed during Rio and Kay’s scrapbooking therapy sessions. Beau Bowman learns of the sessions and when he is flipping through the pages he sees himself with a diaper on but draws the line when he finds a page of him surrounded by dots.

He leaves the shop where they are having this discussion visibly upset and it shows just how serious he finds it that Kay disregards his feelings. It might not be plausible, and a bit strange, but it is something he truly fears and wants the people around him to be aware of that.

1 Mike Is Very Insecure

Mike’s nickname when he was younger used to be “Short Shorts” and this has led to Mike’s continued insecurity while he has been working on the farm. He consistently tries to prove himself by attempting to fix things like the roof or be the editor for the town paper, but it is obvious he doubts his abilities.

It’s part of the reason we think he married a therapist as well because Rio lifts him up and gives him confidence even when he should probably take a step back.

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